[PIC] C3 Corvette With C7 ‘Face Swap’ Looks Magnificent


[PIC] C3 Corvette With C7 'Face Swap' Looks Magnificent

Photo Credit: camm_fish / Instagram

Over the years we’ve detailed instances of Corvette enthusiasts updating their older generation Corvettes to take on the design characteristics of a newer Corvette. Sometimes it’s as simple as grafting the C7 headlights onto a C6 Corvette, or doing an “butt update” like this owner did by grafting a C7 Corvette’s rear fascia to his C5.

Then there are the digital artists who sometimes take their work to the absurd. Back in May, we shared a C8 Corvette that received a “nose swap” with an older Chevrolet Blazer, resulting in the most non-aerodynamic Corvette rendering ever.

With that set-up in mind, I think we found a combination of Corvette generations that looks surprisingly good in our opinion. An Instagram user by the name of camm_fish did a face swap on a black C3 Corvette with that of the C7 Corvette Z06. That includes the full front end of the car including the side quarter vents with the Z06 badges in place. The design maintains the C7’s air extractor vents as well as the LED headlights that gave the car a distinctive look.

Both the C3 and C7 Corvettes have long sloping hoods and we can’t see really working on other generations as effectively as this example. The modern Z06 face on the 1970s Corvette adds a remarkable modern feel to the pre-hatchback C3 and as throwbacks go, you can’t go wrong with outfitting the car with Weld Wheels and side exhaust.

Will we ever see something like this is real life? Perhaps! There is always going to be that one Corvette enthusiast out there that takes customization to the extremes, but if something like this ‘Frankenstein’ ever does show up at Carlisle or the NCM, I want to be there to see it!

What are your thoughts on this C3/C7 face swap? Let us know in the comments below!

camm_fish / Instagram

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  1. The C3 and C7 are both beautiful designs. This combo looks good too but I prefer the originals stay as they are. Maybe I’m too much a purist or I’m too old. Just because you can…

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