[PICS] C8 Corvette Is Gifted with a Nose Swap From a Chevy Blazer


[PICS] C8 Corvette Is Gifted with the Nose Swap from a Chevy Blazer

Some people have complained about the front and rear of the new C8 Corvette looking like they don’t exactly go together.

Well, maybe there’s an answer for those folks, at least in the world of computers.

It seems some Photoshop wizards started a Facebook group last year called “Unnecessary Automotive Nose Swaps”.

The basic premise is exactly what the name sounds like, using technical wizardry to graft the front end of one car onto the rear end of another, the more outlandish the better, seemingly, in some cases.

And Corvettes of several generations have already received the treatment, including the newest eighth-generation mid-engine Stingray that in one rendering serves as the back two-thirds of an old Blazer.

We don’t particularly care for the squared-off look upfront on a sports car, but it’s worth checking out some of the other creative unions, including our favorite – a C5 Z06 and a Koenigsegg CCXR. Kind of makes us wish Chevy had made the fifth-gen Corvette a mid-engine!

Other grafts worth taking a peek at include a Ferrari F40/C8 Corvette, C4 Corvette/Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce, Nissan Juke/C8 Corvette (yuk!), C4 Corvette/Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado/Lamborghini Urus (looks really good in our opinion), and Toyota Prius/Ferrari F40 (another top pick for us, even though we’re not a big fan of the Prius at all).

Of course, some of these artists get extra wild. For instance, there’s a Fiesta ST with a carrot (yes, the vegetable) grafted onto the front and how about a Dodge Magnum attached to a Thomas Magnum (yes, the TV detective) front.

Unnecessary automotive nose swaps via autoevolution.com

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