C5 Corvette Receives a Rear Fascia Transplant from a C7 Corvette Stingray


C5 Corvette Receives a Rear Fascia Transplant from a C7 Corvette Stingray

A few months ago, we showed you a C6 ZR1 that had been fitted with a C7 rear end.

Now we’ve got something even stranger – a C5 that has received a C7 butt transplant!

Watch out Kim Kardashian!

The photos of this unusual creation showed up recently on Corvette Forum, which then did a survey asking what people thought about the car.

Some 49 percent said: “Think this is pretty cool, on someone else’s C5 Corvette.” (That’s what I pushed to see the survey results.)

Next was 33 percent who agreed with: “This car needs to burn – now – and I want to gouge out my eyes.”

Last in the survey at 19 percent were those who asked: “Whom can I call to butt-transplant my C5? This is the best thing since the PDR!”


As the owner of a 1997 C5, I don’t find the transplant totally repulsive, though I do find it looks way too much like a Camaro. Furthermore, if I wanted a Camaro, I would have bought one.

This transplant appears to be a quality job, though I’m not sure why someone would waste a few thousand bucks (not sure how much but fiberglass work isn’t cheap) on changing a C5 into a C7. Why not just go buy a C7 and if you can’t afford one now, just wait a few years until the Stingray has depreciated enough for Everyman to be able to buy one.

Comments on Corvette Forum ranged from “To each his own. It’s not bad looking” to “I’ve seen a C5 rear end on a C7 and it looks just as bad … not working for me.”

Corvette Forum

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