[VIDEO] YouTuber’s 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire


[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

Screenshot Credits: JMC Rides / YouTube

It’s the kind of action a YouTube vlogger lives for, but in this case, John at JMC Rides wasn’t particularly worried about getting subscribers to his channel right about then.

But thanks to his level-headed fellow vlogger on the scene – a blue Mustang owner named Kevin Yoo – John was still able to document a small fire this week under his 2020 Corvette that appropriately enough is coated with Torch Red paint.

Stressing that this is not just clickbait, John posted the video on YouTube a couple of hours ago, and no doubt it will ignite on the Internet after enthusiasts begin to get wind of it.

[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

But before you think another problem with C8s has surfaced, don’t worry.

John believes the smoke and small fire can be blamed on the incorrect installation of the rear brake cooling ducts either at the factory or more likely by a technician during the pre-delivery inspection at the dealership. The PDI instructions clearly state that the rear brake cooling ducts are intended for track use only and should not be installed during PDI since, John knows now, they hang low and could be ripped off going down a bumpy road.

[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

“I live in a place where I have very good roads,” he says, “so I’ve never had an issue with them scraping or rubbing the road. I never thought that maybe something could fly into these brake ducts and catch fire.”

Fortunately, John had enough foresight a few weeks ago to throw a small fire extinguisher into his Corvette, so he was able to spray foam into the wheel several times to keep his Stingray from bursting into flames.

[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

Still, that preparation didn’t keep him from going into panic mode as at first he just smelled something burning and wasn’t quite sure where the smoke was coming from, and you can hear the terror in his voice as he frantically looks under the car and into the engine compartment to try and figure out the problem.

“I see the smoke, I do not see flames,” he says early in the escapade. “I don’t see where it’s coming from, so since I couldn’t see the flames, I didn’t know where to spray the fire extinguisher.”

He admits that the incident turned out to be the kind of footage every vlogger dreams of, but “trust me,” he says, “I did not care at any point about filming what was going down.”

John gives a huge shout-out to his buddy Kevin Yoo “because I am so glad that he at least thought about filming it” with his Go-Pro. “I was just panicking. I was just trying to figure out where the fire was going on, and how to put it out quick.”

After one extinguishing session, John thinks the problem has been solved, but then smoke starts coming through the wheel again, and he has to spray it again.

[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

Fearing that the fire extinguisher is nearly empty by this point, John decides it’s time to seek help from the professionals. He remembers that a fire station is located nearby and with the smoke at a momentary standstill, he quickly heads over there to take advantage of their expertise and possible use of their equipment.

John explains to the firefighters that he saw pieces of paper that lit up in flames basically falling from the car when he was spraying the ducts earlier. Having already suffered a fire with another of his vehicles earlier, John wasn’t ready to see his new Corvette ignite, too.

“I brought the car to the fire department because I want to make sure this car is not gonna go up in flames,” he says. “I already had that issue with one Jeep, and I wasn’t gonna let that happen again.”

[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

John credits his small fire extinguisher with saving his Corvette this time and says he is definitely going to order either a bigger one or a few of the smaller ones to make sure he doesn’t run out of foam too quickly. Sounds like a great accessory for owners of all cars, not just Stingrays.

“I’m gonna bring it to the dealership, let them check it out and let me know if there is any damage and everything’s OK,” John says. “Stay tuned on videos because whatever the dealership tells me, I’m gonna be updating you guys with what happened over here.”

[VIDEO] YouTuber's 2020 Corvette Stingray Catches Fire

He plans to document the incident with paperwork so “in case there is ever any kind of a problem in the future, we’ll be covered.”

The video ends with John’s Corvette sitting in his driveway at home “nice and safe, thank God,” but he admits his heart is still racing and he remains in panic mode.

“I’m still grateful that my buddy Kevin was with me and he was able to get some of the footage,” John says. “When something like this is happening to you and you actually care about your vehicle, trust me, the last thing that you were thinking about is let me get this video for YouTube. That’s the last thing that was on my mind. I was literally with my head under the car trying to put this fire out. I was panicking.”

He suggests that other C8 owners check out their brake ducts too and make sure they’re not already installed to prevent another occurrence like his experience. Good advice, no doubt.

JMC Rides / YouTube

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  1. Brake ducts are not going to catch on fire while driving on the street. GM doesn’t want you to use them on the street because they might keep your brake to cool. He changed the exhaust, rims, tires and who know what else, and it’s the person that put the brake ducts fault. Something smell fishy here and it’s not the Stingray.

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