[VIDEO] Unboxing the Amalgam Collection’s New Corvette Sculptures


[VIDEO] Unboxing the Amalgam Collection's New Corvette Sculptures

We don’t do a lot of video reviews here at CorvetteBlogger, in fact, I’ve probably only done maybe five or so over the last 10 or 15 years. But I do watch my fair share of product reviews and unboxing videos on YouTube. So when a friend of Corvette seller Mike Furman reached out to us to see if we would be interested in sharing their unique Corvette sculptures with our readers, I said sure, let’s give it a go!

So today we are sharing a new video showing the unboxing of two Corvette sculptures from the Amalgam Collection. Amalgam creates high-engine replica models of famous classic cars and race cars. Their detail on those models isn’t like the 1:18 scale Corvette models you can pick up at a Sam’s Club or Costco, and generally, they cost several hundred to thousands of dollars. And some of their high models can sell for over $10,000! But luckily of us, what we will be sharing from them today is much more affordable.

Corvette Sculptures from The Amalgam Collection

Photo Credit: AmalgamCollection.com

A visit to Audrain’s Newport Concours in Rhode Island sparked the inspiration for the Corvette sculptures with a 1968 Corvette being the muse of the collection. Amalgam has created a collection of eight sculptures representing the eight generations of Corvettes. Each of the Corvette sculptures is hand-cast in stone-filled resin, hand-finished and plated in aluminum, and then followed by five coats of spray paint with a tinted lacquer to give each one its own look.

The sculptures are then packaged in a very nice box with each carrying a certificate of authenticity from Amalgam. These would make a great display for your office, man cave or where ever you show off your Corvette models or memorabilia.

Check out our unboxing video of the C3 and C8 Corvette sculptures from the Amalgam Collection:

The C8 sculpture looks fantastic with the sloping nose and side air ducts reproduced very realistically, while on the top you can make out the rear engine vents. The C3 Corvette has the coke-bottle shape and there is no mistaking that its the “shark.” The sculptures are not too heavy, but they feel nice to hold in your hand and there is some weight to it for the size. On the bottom of each is the crossed-flags logo from the specific generation along with the represented year. In the video, we mentioned that for the Corvette owner who works in an office setting, the Amalgam sculptures are very refined and a great way to bring your Corvette passion to work in a way that is sure to cause discussion with anyone who sees it.

For the collector who loves their Corvette models as much as they love the real thing, these would be a great addition to any model collection, and they would also make a great gift for anyone celebrating a new Corvette purchase.

Corvette Sculptures from The Amalgam Collection

Amalgam is offering every single generation for $150 each or you can get the entire eight-car collection for $996. The company offers the ability to make four (4) interest-free payments on both the single-car purchase and the full Corvette line-up. If you are interested in learning more about these unique hand-finished sculptures, visit The Amalgam Collection for details and ordering information.

Disclaimer: We were not compensated for this review and the words and impressions expressed in the post and video are mine alone.


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