C8 Corvette Models Showing Up In Stores and On eBay


C8 Corvette Models Showing Up In Stores and On eBay border=

Photo Credit: Wendy Miller

I know many a Corvette owner who has a collection of diecast and Corvette promotional models and many have been waiting for the C8 Corvette models to come available. As the mid-engine Corvette was a closely guarded secret, Chevrolet didn’t share any designs of the cars with toy companies until after last year’s reveal, so that’s why you haven’t seen them in any stores until just now.

Thanks to a thread at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com, we’ve got a few photos and locations where C8 Corvette models are starting to show up.

Our friend John kicked off the thread with a photo of a Yellow 2020 Corvette shared by the Corvette Team’s Forecaster Wendy Miller. Wendy was shopping at a Sam’s Club in suburban Detroit when she came across this 1/8 scale C8 Corvette model manufactured by Maisto. At her Sam’s club, the only one available was an Accelerate Yellow Coupe with black racing stripes which she grabbed for $40 $14.95 plus sales tax.

C8 Corvette Models

Another MECF member named ‘C8Jake’ picked up two 2020 Corvette models at a Costco, and says he scored both for $50 total. He has the same Accelerate Yellow with Black Stripes as well as the Torch Red model.

And speaking of Costco, they will be offering an exclusive model of the 2020 Corvette model in Sebring Orange with Black Racing Stripes. That model should be available sometime later this summer as well.

C8 Corvette Models

After a quick search for examples of the Maisto C8 Corvettes, we only see the Torch Red and Accelerate Yellow models available in the USA with both cars offered on eBay. We did see on eBay a Shadow Gray C8 model with the black stripe offered from a seller in China.

Searches of Amazon and Walmart are not yet showing them, however, Walmart does have a pretty large collection of other Maisto Corvette models from C1 to C7.


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  1. I think you meant 1:18 scale, not 1:8 scale. A 1:8 scale model of a C8 for $40 would be quite a deal!

  2. our 1:1 scale C8 was $85,315 as optioned. pick it up at the national corvette Museum on
    July 6. I think that this is the best scale size 1:1

  3. Maisto’s 2020 catalog shows the 1:18 scale Special Edition C8 in Red and Gray. It shows the 1:24 scale Special Edition in Yellow (without the black stripes) and Blue. The 1:18 Yellow with stripes must be even more recent.

  4. Please correctly state “at Sam’s Club, the 1/18 scale diecast 2020 Corvette from Maisto is in yellow and red for the MSRP of $14.95 + tax while small supplies remain. ” Costco has no Corvettes until their Christmas toy inventory starts up around Halloween. Neither warehouse stores have any Corvettes available on their websites, as of June 25, 2020.

  5. Sams Club had a number today for $114.98 = tax. OTD $16.44. Picked up one red and one yellow. Will spray paint the yellow to Shadow Gray Metallic like the C8 I will be getting in September.

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