Should I Stay or Should I Go? My Advice to Buyers Who Were Bumped to 2021 Corvettes


Should I Stay or Should I Go? My Advice to Buyers Who Were Bumped to 2021 Corvettes

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Over the last couple of months the amount of email we receive has gone up exponentially as many 2020 Corvette buyers were in the dark as to what was happening with their orders, and if they would even receive a 2020 Corvette. Since then, GM has offered guidance on the question which boils down to those whose orders were at 3000 event status will be getting a 2020 model, while all others will have to be moved to 2021.

As we close in on the beginning of 2021 model year ordering, the questions I get now have to do with staying with the current dealer or moving to another one to hopefully secure their Corvettes for 2021. There are pros and cons to this so you must decide what you think is best for you.

Keep in mind that dealers will “hopefully” roll any unfulfilled 2020 orders to 2021s with those customers getting priority when the orders are submitted, but communication with your dealer before the order is key in my opinion. We’ve heard from too many buyers that they had no idea what their event status code was, and therefore, there was still the expectation that they were getting a 2020 until the dealer notified them within the last couple of weeks that they weren’t.

For those of you that have to redo your order for 2021, I would first find out what spot you occupy on the Corvette dealer’s 2021 list, and ask them what their actual allocation ended up being for the 2020s. Once you know that info, you can guess whether or not you have a chance for a 2021 from that dealership. The word is that dealers will be receiving roughly the same amount of cars for 2021 as they got for 2020. So if you are 5th on the list at your dealer and they are getting 20 Corvettes to sell, you should get one.

However, you can move to another dealer as you have to redo your order for 2021. First, do some homework on who is selling the most Corvettes in your area. Here is a list of the Top 100 Corvette Dealers in 2019, which is the latest list we have.

As a Corvette buyer, you can go two different routes:

  • Order and take delivery from a local dealer directly (or from one in your region).
  • Order from one of the top volume dealers which then opens up several delivery options:

    • Do a courtesy delivery at your local Chevy dealer (these usually cost $300-$600)
    • Add the R8C Museum Delivery and pick up the car at the National Corvette Museum (Cost is $995)
    • Have the car shipped to your door via enclosed carrier (Costs vary based on distance, and it’s usually the most expensive of the three)

I do believe the key is finding out from the dealer who took your 2020 order what your spot in line is for the 2021 and how many cars they received in 2020. With that knowledge, you can then make the decision on whether you want to stay with them or look elsewhere. But if you do go somewhere else, make sure the dealer had plenty of 2020 Corvette deliveries as you will be essentially starting at the bottom of their list of 2021s.

And as always, good luck with your quest to score a 2021 Corvette Stingray!

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  1. When your 2021 C8 is specified be available. This will only happen once in your lifetime. 2020 or 2021 these are the first example of the new generation of midengine Corvettes. It took over 60 years to get this car into production. All of the European Manufacturers ran with this idea of a mid engined Sports Car! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and even the American auto makers Ford took this idea and went Racing. 2021 gives you a chance to add more the you could in the first designated year of production. New Colors, Mag Ride and front life without Z51 option you won’t ever need on the street, all at the same starting price! Don’t pass this up and make us here you say “I could have had a first addition C8 Corvette” 2020 or 2021, these are the only first additions! The 2022 will be a new car at a new price and new variation you cannot get now but you will have passed on the first addition. You can get a new 1953 Corvette but you can own a 2021 fuu I Ray addition C8 Corvette!

  2. My 2020 convertible is at 3000, the dealer forgot to order the carbon fiber interior option on my car. My question is , can I add that to my order? The dealer is no help and so I called the GM rep, twice, with no return call or text. I’ve had the car ordered since January, I would hope they might show some compassion for a dude that ordered a $100,000 car!

  3. No brainier to me. Go for the 2021. They will incorporate numerous improvements and tweaks to the first year model that won’t get press, but can be very meaningful.

  4. Carl – You have to look at this from more than just one dimension, if you want to consider all of your options. Now, I’m an actual C8 owner. But prior to April 13, I was not. Just a guy with a convertible on order who also was all over the internet to get information until that chance opportunity which involved a minor miracle and two days of effort. That said, my thought process, was that I wanted a coupe (finally changed my mind); I wanted a 2020 and not a 2021; and I wanted a color combination I could tolerate and certain equipment options. When someone optioned a car that met these criteria, in my area, and then decided they did not want the car, I had a momentary buying opportunity. I moved as quickly as I could for a retired senior citizen and bought the car…over sticker. I must tell you this: I'[m as happy to have paid over sticker as if I got the car for sticker. The car is optioned differently than I would have optioned it by quite a bit, yet it still met my criteria, which also included one item: Could I change the options to the way I wanted them easily enough? If so, there was no bar to my getting the car. My original convertible was ordered with carbon interior and a VIN plaque. It did not have the carbon fiber engine package. It had about everything else: LT3 interior but with LT2 seats and two tone black and sky gray two tone seats. Carl, here’s the thing. There is nothing wrong with a 2021. It is still a supercar and as Joe and others have said, it is a first edition of the car, unchanged. I would imagine that the carbon fiber can be put in after the fact, if that is a deal breaker. Either the after market or GM might be able to retrofit that, although it will for certain be more expensive that the original option price. As an owner of the C8 Stingray, let me be clear from my own experience driving this car. It is a super car. Period and end of story. The Z06 will just be an even more supercar. I will also say that the engine, as the latest design of an engine that GM has been working with and perfecting for years and year, despite being a pushrod V8, is an absolute gem. I think that 6.2 Liters puts the cubic inches right in between the 350 and the old SS 396/409 in displacement. Break in is 500/1500. I have only 1135 miles on mine due to a number of personal and other reasons. I’m no great shakes as a driver, but when I have the pedal to the metal and the car reaches about 80 miles per hour, it feels more like a turbo is kicking in. I doubt that it takes 2 seconds to get from 80 to 100mph. The acceleration feels I’m in some kind of rocket ship. Every time I look at the car in my garage, it looks like something out of the Skunk works, sinister and menacing, with only the memory of the magnetic ride control getting me over rough roads like I’m in one of the older huge cadillacs. And the confidence I have in cornering the car far exceeds anything I ever experienced in my 8 years of Porsche 991 Carrera ownership. With a 3000 code, meaning you are entitled to a 2020 C8, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get one of the best cars ever made for about 1/3 of the price that any comparable car will charge for the same capability. There are people all over America hoping that you will let your car go. Andy believe me, the dealer will likely be happy too, because there is an even money chance that the dealer will charge a premium, well over what you will pay for the car. I mean, I’ve seen used C8’s advertised for 132,000 on the Internet. Lastly, GM, for the C8 has a policy of not changing any of the option specifications, once the car has reached 3000 status, so I doubt that is possible. The dealer will not be able to make it happen. You might try the Corvette Concierge or the Corvette Museum, but i believe with the push to get these cars out fhe door to reach the 20,000 projected by the end of the model year run around the first of November, I don’t think they will change anything on the car. While I do have that carbon fiber on my car, if the car had not had that on it, I still would have bought the car. The interior still is extremely nice without the Carbon fiber. I’m sure that it won’t be long before a C8 owner will work with one of the many carbon fiber USA manufacturers to make kits to put in most of the CF pieces on the dash and in the doors that is essentially the CF package. Of course make your own decision. For me and my advice, if you let your 2020 get away now that you are this close to getting it, you will regret the decision for the rest of your days. AF

  5. Don’t worry the 2021 will still have severe understeer just like the 2020. With all that has happened at Bowling green and around the world, getting a first run car may have some headaches. Including paying over MSRP ugh! Guess it’s all in what you’re willing to put up with. Good Luck!

  6. Local dealer in San Diego area has three un-allocated 2020 Corvettes available. Yes they are not in stock yet and are highly optioned versions. Also selling them $10K over MSRP.

  7. It kinda stinks that I got excited about my wife buying my first corvette for my retirement present and then I am told that e winterthey can’t make enough convertibles. We put down a deposit in December. Now the 2021 Z51 with the front lift is $1500 higher. I hope it is not done in the winter. I am doing the museum delivery and I live in IN. W

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