[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Twin-Turbos Street Speed’s 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Twin-Turbos Street Speed's 2020 Corvette

Despite the best efforts of Callaway and Sir Mix-A-Lot, the idea of a “Turbo ‘Vette” never really caught on. Now, some thirty years later, factory twin-turbo power is on the horizon for America’s Sports Car and the internet is taking another stab at getting everyone used to the idea. Since March, we have featured stories about a Time Attack C6, Extreme Turbo Systems, East Coast Supercharging, and even Hennessey getting in on the twin-snail party.

Now, Late Model Racecraft, creators of 9-second ZR1s, has decided to try their hand at adding boost to the newest member of the Corvette Family, courtesy of YouTuber, Street Speed 717, known in this video, simply as, Mike.

[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Twin-Turbos Street Speed's 2020 Corvette

After an intoxicating fire-up gets you hooked on LMR’s video, the first 4:23 of the video shows the process of installation that LMR went through to get (almost) the whole package installed. After further glorious revving and idling, a walk around of the fantastic-looking top-mount mirror-image kit starts around 7:45. Next, we are treated to a short test drive in LMR’s parking lot, followed by some smoking engine shots (they maintain that it’ll stop smoking after being broken-in) and further plans for Mike’s C8. See the full video for yourself below and stay tuned as we are sure that there will be many videos of this car to come.

A few final takeaways now that you’ve seen, and, more importantly, heard this beast:

  1. We cant wait until the car is “dyno ready” (Update: Dyno video here!)
  2. It’ll be interesting to see how much power the new DCT can actually handle.
  3. How much will this kit cost?
  4. Even though it is just a wrap, light blue looks incredible on the C8!


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  1. LMR did a fantastic job of making the mirror image look great with the engine. Of course they and we want to see what happens when all aspects of the package are completed.

    Meantime: High Wing Spoiler: I never thought that particular option would take a hit. While Vendor Supply issues are given as the reason, there may also be a caveat with that: Z51 spoilers not being ordered enough to use them up or the waste involved in putting the Z51 Spoiler on and taking it off. Sound Familiar? That is because it is. An option of the true carbon fiber ground effects kit was stopped not long after production started up in February and before production was stopped again. Reason: “Vendor Supply Issues.” It did not take me long to realize that there is an option in the Corvette list for black or carbon flash bottom side mouldings. In the case of my particular car, those moldings were ordered. That was fine until the dealer informed me that they had an original Genuine Chevrolet part, carbon ground effects kit in parts for sale within the first few minutes that I started to fill out paperwork for the car. I went ahead and ordered that, barely believing my good fortune that a kit was still left in the world from the original. It was when I received parts back from Rydell Chevrolet from the front and the sides of the car, that I realized that an upgrade kit was part of the car’s original order sheet. I also realized you can not have both parts/kits on the car at the same time. Same thing with the Z51 Spoiler and High Wing Spoiler as well. Just a coincidence? There are far more non-coincidences than there are coincidences. AF


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