[VIDEO] Extreme Turbo System’s 2020 Corvette Generates 736 Horsepower on the Dyno


[VIDEO] Extreme Turbo System's 2020 Corvette Generates 736 Horsepower on the Dyno

If you just can’t wait for the upcoming Z06 and its expected massive amounts of power (and a widebody, to boot), you might want to visit Extreme Turbo Systems and mod your 2020 Corvette.

We shared a video preview of what ETS’ first C8 turbo system would sound like back in late May, and now the tuner has released another video that shows their new Stingray during a series of three dyno runs that eventually peaked with a whopping 736 horsepower at 7.5 psi and 669 ft-lbs of torque! The first run reached 728 horsepower and 649 ft-lbs of torque, while the second run dropped to 726 horsepower but rose to 669 ft-lbs of torque.

ETS says to its knowledge this is the first time a C8 has been tuned and managed to crack the 700 horsepower barrier.

“Extreme Turbo Systems is continuing to push the boundaries of the C8 Corvette with our proprietary tuning solution and methanol kit,” the company explained in a Facebook post earlier this week.

But ETS says it’s not satisfied with simply breaking 700 horsepower, promising they “have a lot more in store for this platform, so make sure to follow us for more updates!”

With the mid-engine C8 featuring an all-new Global B electrical system, the media has speculated that it would be impossible for tuners to crack its encrypted ECU and make any changes.

Apparently, that’s not going to be the case, or at least ETS has figured out some way to get more power, a lot more power, out of the stock car, which delivers 495 horsepower with the optional performance exhaust.

The ETS system apparently features a pair of PT6870 turbochargers, PT46mm wastegates, and PTE 50mm flow-off valves supplied by Precision Turbo.

A quick look at the company’s website revealed no pricing has been released as of yet for the C8’s twin-turbo system, but we did notice turbo kits for the Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8, for example, list for $24,995.

So will you be the first on your block to crack 700 horsepower in your C8, or will you just wait and see what Chevy has up its sleeve with the upcoming Z06?

Extreme Turbo Systems via GM Authority

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  1. Chevrolet Service Manger: “So tell me again what sound the engine made right before the big explosion?
    C8 Owner: “BANG!!! BANG!!! CRAAACK!!! KA-BOOOOOOOM!!!!”
    Chevrolet Service Manger: “Sir, will that be cash or a credit card?”
    A 241 HP increase, plus a crap ton of torque on stock internals…is doable, but for how long? Include a 3-year engine replacement warranty and then maybe… 😉👍🏻


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