[PICS] Ride the Dragon! Digital Designers Offers Up A Golden C8 Corvette


[PICS] Ride the Dragon! Digital Designers Offers Up The Golden C8 Corvette

Photo Credit: sdesyn / Instagram

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again: The new C8 is one car just begging to be customized in a thousand different ways through the aftermarket by each owner.

Along those lines, two very creative minds have joined forces for yet another widebody design for the C8 Corvette and just unveiled their efforts in several renderings on Instagram a couple of days ago.

Digital artist Karan Adivi came up with the new “larger than life” body in his latest renderings, while Shashank Das of @sdesyn added the eye-catching “Dragon” wrap in gold, red, and black.

While the look may not be as aggressive as the Xeigen Daytona that we wrote about last week, we still think the overall package adds some nice flavor to the appearance of the C8, with the three-quarter front view making it look more like a C7 than ever before, eliminating some of the inherent rear-end heaviness of the stock mid-engine car. The totally red dash adds a great punch of unexpected color to the interior as well, tying in nicely to the vertical stripes on the sides of the car as well as the red on the front and rear spoilers.

Adivi’s widebody approach offers a more aggressive look for the 2020 Corvette while seeming to place a focus more on funneling air through and around the car instead of just being all about the looks.

No word on when or if this particular version would be available for purchase. Perhaps the creators can respond to this article in the comments section below and let us know if this is just a figment of their imagination or if it will indeed wind up in some lucky owner’s driveway.

This is one fire-breathing dragon we’d like to meet someday!

sdesyn / Instagram via AutoEvolution.com

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  1. Nice, but it needs to be just as wide in the rear fender wells. Doesn’t look quite right.

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