[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Z06 Owner Deletes Mufflers for Epic Sound


[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Z06 Owner Deletes Mufflers for Epic Sound

I know the recent focus of most Corvette coverage these days is geared now to the C8 Corvettes, but that doesn’t mean our love for the C7s has stopped. If anything, these Corvettes represent the pinnacle of front-engine/rear-wheel drive technology and their new lower price points as previously owned vehicles all but guarantees the 7th generation will be winning hearts and minds for years to come.

One of the fastest sectors to move in the aftermarket for the C8 Corvettes has been the development of various exhaust systems and straight-pipe set-ups, and invariably we are shown a video that allows us hear a before and after of the car. But why should the C8 guys be having all the fun?

As I was cruising through YouTube today, I found a C7 Corvette Z06 going full straight pipes by getting a “muffler delete” at a Florida muffler shop. The clip is only one minute long, but it effectively demonstrates the pure exhaust sound of the C7’s supercharged LT4 V8 that makes 650 horsepower.

So here’s a little something for you C7 Corvette fans out there!

Bass Cars58 / YouTube

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  1. No, this is not “epic”. This is a nuisance and it’s unlawful. It certainly violates noise ordinances in nearly every incorporated city in the United States. There is zero advantage to be gained on the street from an exhaust setup like this, other than to make a spectacle of yourself as an idiot. The C7 has a remarkable stock exhaust note from the factory, and there are legions of legal aftermarket exhaust kits for those who want an even more aggressive sound. But deleting mufflers altogether for any road going automobile is beyond asinine. Even if he plans on tracking his car, there are plenty of systems that have switchable cut outs prior to the mufflers, that you can engage for a track day. I can assure you that if this car belonged to any resident in my neighborhood, there would be a police report filed every time it drove past.

  2. Did just the Xpipe deleting the secondary cats on my C7 w/NPP and it is just enough without being obnoxious with the NPP open

  3. The “Before“ Sounds better To me. I’ve got a Z06 and it sounds like there have been mods to that engine from the way it idles. ??

  4. Hey Matt, STFU ya sissy. It’s cry babies like you that make it tough for all. It’s his car, if he gets harassed by the cops so be it. Can’t stand jack asses that have to stick their friggen nose in everyone’s business. And you’re a fucking tattle tail too?? You suck, move to Moscow ya jack ass. Funny, bikes and full size trucks are just as loud if not worse especially Harley’s or the damn Rice burners with their toilet bowl exhaust are loud AND sound like shit. Can’t stand ass holes like you. Why are you even here?? Go drown some puppies or push an old lady down some stairs, idiot.

  5. @Kevin Williams I have neither the time nor inclination to point out every factual error and every reason that your outburst beclowns you as the exact self-centered sociopath who needs to be purged from our ranks. I’ll let it speak for itself to the 99.9% of readers here who will see it for what it is. The advice I will deign to provide you is to please seek some professional help right away from an analyst who specializes in personality disorders.

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