[POLL] REV Battle: 2020 Corvette Stingray VS Dodge Challenger Hellcat


[POLL] REV Battle: 2020 Corvette Stingray VS Dodge Challenger Hellcat

YouTube channel, JMC Rides recently got a 2020 Corvette Stingray together with a Challenger Hellcat Widebody so see which 6.2L V8 has a better voice. Like most things on the ‘Tube, this video is pretty unwatchable for the first few minutes, but if you skip ahead to a very Corvette-appropriate 3:27, you will be rewarded for using one of your precious clicks on this content!

After that strategic fast forward, we hear the C8 start-up in Tour Mode followed by a switch to Track Mode and its wide-open butterflies.

Next, the Corvette lets its Supercharged opponent have a turn (anyone else with a toddler at home, be sure to use this as a teaching moment, instantly giving you a fun family video to break up the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (or similar) marathon that has likely been going on in the background while you are attempting to work from home between neighborhood walk and sidewalk chalk breaks).

The Widebody kittycat brings a slightly deeper roar to the party than the fast-revving ‘Vette and at 5:04 we are treated to a glorious duet that makes our red, white, and blue hearts swell with pride!

Once a large “Subscribe” button shows up around 5:50, the video reverts back to time-wasting mode, giving us an extra minute to ponder which star spangled, future classic sounds better. We are pretty sure we can guess which one our commentariat will prefer, but being as this weekend should contain the NCAA Final Four, a Cinderella story just might materialize here in our poll, take part below to find out!

Which Exhaust Note Sounds Better? The C8 Corvette or the Challenger Hellcat?

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JMC Rides / YouTube

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  1. The Hellcat’s revs definitely sound much more “muffled” than the Corvette’s. How much of that may be due to there being much more “car” buffering the Hellcat’s front engine from the video camera’s microphone than there is buffering the Corvette’s mid-engine from the video camera’s microphone, and the Hellcat’s exhaust system being much longer than the mid-engined Corvette’s exhaust system?

  2. WAY too much bias here. The Hellcat sounds 100% better than the C8.
    Wake me up when they put a Corsa, Borla or Akrapovič on the Vette…

  3. The Corvette sounds tinny, the Hellcat has a deeper rumble like the Hemi’s from yesteryear. The rap at the end was pure crap.

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