[STOLEN] Black C7 Corvette Z06 Taken Sunday Morning From a Parking Garage in California


[STOLEN] Black C7 Corvette Z06 Taken Sunday Morning From a Parking Garage in California

News of a stolen C7 Corvette Z06 crossed our news feed on Facebook Sunday evening and we want to help get the word about the theft of this car. Unfortunately, this feels like a professional job.

Loraine Treadwell says her black Corvette Z06 was parked in a parking garage in San Ramon, California when she received an OnStar Theft Alert at 5:05 AM Sunday morning but didn’t see the message until she woke up at 6:00 AM. At 6:12 AM she was standing in front of an empty parking space.

The police were called and OnStar was alerted but they’ve had no contact with the Z06 since prior to it be taken.

[STOLEN] Black C7 Corvette Z06 Taken Sunday Morning From a Parking Garage in California

Here are a couple of the Facebook posts from the owner of the Z06:

URGENT!! PLEASE HELP!! Someone STOLE my Z06 Corvette this morning (5/17) sometime between 4:15-5AM from the North garage at Bishop Ranch 3 (2601 Camino Ramon) in San Ramon (SF East Bay). Authorities have been notified, if you see this Z06 ANYWHERE please call police for me immediately. Thanks so much!!

So here’s what we know so far – I had a GPS tracker in the OBD port that last reported the location at the BR garage at 4:18AM. At 5:05AM I got an OnStar theft alert but didn’t see it until I woke up at 6AM. Headed straight to the garage and by 6:12AM was in front of the empty space and on the phone with SRPD and OnStar. No broken glass on the ground where the car was taken. One of the exit gates on the Executive Parkway side looks like it’s been forced. My guess is it was towed.


OnStar Theft Notification is an add-on feature that is available on 2014 model years and newer and the system alerts owners when it believes the car has been stolen or tampered with. Once a police report is filed on the car, OnStar can help locate it and can even assist police with remote engine stopping, but it has to be able to get a signal to the car to do so. Loraine’s lastest post says that it has been 9 hours but so far no location on the Z06.

We hope that Loraine’s Corvette is found soon. If you have any information, please contact the San Ramon Police Department at (925) 973-2700.

Loraine Treadwell / Facebook

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  1. It sounds like the OnStar theft alert should be a little louder, something that would wake the dead.

  2. First of all the photo of this car with the tail light treatment and spoiler show that this owner loved her corvette. Secondly the On-Star System is a good start. There needs to be a system that involves a removal of the car when the key is not present. Also, I agree that there should be a seriously loud alarm that goes off if the car is moved without key. Lastly, On-Star should be able to activate the locator/tracker at the first hint of the car being moved, while locked and no key being present. Notifying someone who is sleeping who has to then do a bunch of things to start tracking is like an open invitation to professional car thieves. You don’t have to be a licensed detective to see that this car was targeted! AF

  3. Surprised the vanity plate was approved with three 6’s. I’ll get slammed for this, but have to wonder if the payments were a problem?

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