[POLL] Where is Bloomington Gold Moving for the 2020 Show?


[POLL] Where is Bloomington Gold Moving for the 2020 Show?

Last week we received word that Bloomington Gold was moving their 2020 Indianapolis event to September 11th and 12th due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with that news, they stated that the show would be moving to a new indoor venue. An announcement on that undisclosed location is imminent, but how about some conjecture and wild speculation in the meantime? Just think of this as our version of Fox’s The Masked Singer.

In today’s poll we’re asking where you think Bloomington Gold Indy will be held. We do know that it won’t be at the Indy Motor Speedway this year and we also know it’ll be indoors. To come up with the voting options below we stepped over to the Google machine and got our search on. We know an event like Bloomington Gold needs a large venue, so we first checked out Indy’s professional sports arenas. The NFL’s Colts play at Lucas Oil Stadium and a quick perusal of their schedule shows they’re out of town that weekend. Football stadiums have lots of space so that could be an option. The spacious Indianapolis Convention Center is located adjacent to Lucas Oil Stadium and would be another great option as well.

The NBA’s Pacers play at Bankers Life Arena and their website currently shows no events until October 5th. A fourth option could be the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. With 250 acres and many buildings on site, this could be where we’re headed in September. This facility also hosts the goliath Mecum Indy auction each year. The Mecum family used to own Bloomington Gold. Picking up what I’m laying down here?

So, we’ve put four good options out there for your consideration. Let us know where you think Bloomington Gold Indy will be held this September. Got another idea? Let us know in the comments below.

Where will Bloomington Gold Indy be held this year?

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  1. I attended more Bloomingtons in Bloomington IL than anywhere else so why not move it back to its home? Second choice Bloomington IN

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