Retired GM Designer Creates Future Concepts Based on Retro Classics


Retired GM Designer Creates Future Concept Based on Retro Classics

What would a 1959 Corvette look like if it was introduced as a new model in 2015?

No one knows for sure, but retired GM designer Nelson Barros recently used his considerable talents to create his own futuristic concept interpretations of a few classic cars from the last century.

He shared his concept drawings of a Jaguar XK 120, 1950 Studebaker Commander, 1973 Ford Maverick, and 1959 Corvette with CarBodyDesign.

Barros definitely had plenty of experience to draw upon for his imaginative creations. After all, he worked for GM from 1969 to 2006, serving as design studio manager for General Motors Brazil.

Each of his new designs builds on the car’s original look but brings it into the 21st century with modern touches. The Corvette keeps its red-white design, for example, and the Studebaker retains its bullet nose grille, the Jag still has the original’s classic grille and stacked “V” shaped lights, and the Maverick offers a muscular front end.

Retired GM Designer Creates Future Concept Based on Retro Classics

You probably won’t ever see these designs in your local Chevy or Ford showroom, but it’s nice to see how the old look can be updated and brought into today’s world. Who knows, maybe a customer car builder might be inspired enough to build one of these looks for a customer whose pockets are deep.


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