2020 Corvette Convertible Production to Start July 20 and Start of 2021 MY Pushed Back to November


2020 Corvette Convertible Production to Start July 20 and Start of 2021 MY Pushed Back to November

Photo Credit: Todd Wilson

With the Corvette Assembly Plant scheduled to open next Tuesday after being shut down for over two months due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are finally hearing about the start date for the much anticipated 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertibles, as well as when GM is planning to transition from 2020s to 2021 model year cars.

Earler today we came across a post on the Corvette Forum that had some information about the 2020 Corvette Convertibles and that Chevrolet was going to be extending the 2020 model year through the end of October. We have since confirmed that the 2021 model Corvettes will begin in early November.

We’ll get to the convertible production start-up in a moment, but I think the really great news here is that 2020 model year production has been pushed back to the end of October 2020. Previously, the 2021s were to start in the first week of September. So with the move, Chevrolet will be able to make up another two months of 2020 Corvette orders that were lost to the shutdown. And from the restart next week through the end of October, that’s over five full months of 2020 production still available!

We think this is a great idea as the 2020 models are so much in demand, it’s better to make more of them now and worry about getting back on the regular production cycle at the end of the 2021 model.

The other great news is that 2020 Convertibles will finally start up the week of July 13th July 20th. Although we were hoping for a June date, we’ll take whatever we can get at this point. With the Convertible price points usually higher than those of the Coupe, the infamous GM bean-counters will want to get the drop-top moving down the production line as soon as they can.

We’ve made no-bones about the Convertibles being our choice in the C8, and now it looks like customers will be able to take delivery in August, just in time for the rescheduled Corvette shows.

For obvious reasons, these dates may change due to any changes on the ground, but so far there is a lot to be positive about.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story said that Convertibles were starting on July 13th. We have further learned that was changed to July 20th. Also, we initially said the 2021 Order Guide was coming tomorrow. I was incorrect about that and have removed it from the story.


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  1. Friends, keep in mind that we’re still in a very fluid situation. My 2020 coupe originally had a 12/2 TPW and was actually built on 2/3. Then, my 2020 HTC originally had a 4/20 TPW and is now most likely scheduled to be built at the end of July. I say “scheduled” because that’s all any of us can know right now. The supply chain, COVID-19 impact, when we’ll see two shifts running, etc., are still all question marks that can interrupt current plans.

  2. Build all the hard tops that were ordered before any convertible first. When I pre ordered, the HTC was not available. I have had TPW’s come and go and still no vehicle. Good for you, but you shouldn’t get a second before some get a first. My opinion.

  3. I was first at my local dealer and would have had my car already but I choose to wait for the convertible

  4. With this news, I would imagine that the insane prices of dealer mark-up might just end. News is news and now that there will be 5 more months of building the Corvette C8, no one needs to panic that they won’t get a first year model Stingray. Gone also is the belief that the 2020 might be a rare and collectible model. Barring a viral shutdown of parts or Bowling Green, the output should exceed 12,000 C8’s easily. I doubt that the convertibles really will supplant the coupes, even though it is more exotic looking. Just that thing about not seeing the engine through a window has a huge psychological factor in how people will view it, unless it winds up with a higher top speed or something like that. Now that I have a C8, lookes like my 3000 convertible will come along and I’ll have two C8’s before some people get their single one that they put a deposit down on. Further deluting the whole thing will be further dealer allocation allowing people to come in, look, and buy what was the most difficult to get car in the world, really. Super-super, hyper and Mega-cars included. AF

  5. I place a deposit on the C8 convertible October 3rd 2019, I probable wont get a 2020 and so I will take 2021, or I wait for the Z06.

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