Bomnin’s Miami Dealerships Rank #1 and #2 in USA Among All Chevy Dealers in 2020 YTD Sales


Bomnin's Miami Dealerships Rank #1 and #2 in USA Among All Chevy Dealers in 2020 YTD Sales

We always like to pass along good news from our sponsors and this dealership news coming out of Miami is certainly something to cheer about.

Our friends at Bomnin Corvette in South Florida have certainly been on the move the last few years and now the dealership group boasts three Chevrolet dealerships in the Top 10 of Corvette Dealers nationwide based on last year’s sales.

Now the south Florida dealer group has received the honor of ranking #1 and #2 in the United States among all Chevy dealerships based on 2020 sales year to date. Bomnin Chevrolet Dadeland (#1) and Bomnin Chevrolet West Kendall (#2) sold the most Chevrolets of all the 3,049 Chevy dealers in the USA during the first four months of 2020.

What makes the statistic even more remarkable is that the two dealerships are located just a little over eight miles from each other.

“This is truly remarkable as it has never happened before – to have two Chevrolet dealerships, in the same geographic market, owned by the same person, ranking number one and number two in the nation,” said Arnaldo Bomnin. “It’s also unique because Miami has been known as an import market over the past two decades, but there’s no question that American made Chevrolets are proving to be popular again among our diverse community.”

While new car sales have declined for the last two months nationwide, the two Chevy dealers in Miami are only 1.3 percent (West Kendall) and 4.8 percent (Dadeland) off last year’s new car sales for 2020 year-to-date.

In 2019, the Dadeland dealership sold 5,087 new cars and 2,026 used cars, while the West Kendall dealership sold 4,200 new cars and 1,701 used cars. Additionally, earlier this year Automotive News ranked Bomnin Automotive number 88 out of 150 auto groups in the U.S. for sales.

According to Bomnin, their most popular sellers in Miami are Corvettes and trucks.

The story behind Bomnin Chevrolet is a classic American success story. Arnaldo Bomnin escaped communist Cuba in 1996 and by 2010 he founded the first Bomnin Chevrolet in Miami. It was a small dealership that averaged 70 sales per month and under his leadership, it was transformed into a powerhouse that is now selling 1,400 vehicles per month. Bomnin Automotive Group operates five GM dealerships with four in South Florida and the fifth in Manassas, Virginia.

Bomnin Corvette features a special website that consolidates the Corvette inventories for all the Chevrolet dealerships into one place. We note that they are showing four 2020 Corvettes available while also offering a few remaining 2019s.

Bomnin Corvette

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  1. That’s BS. I ordered my 2020 in Aug. and it has yet to be built and here’s a dealer, making hay while the sun shines because they are BIG. Chevrolet should have dealt the initial cars out to their widespread dealer network instead of saturating the Big guys with multiple cars. I’m a huge Corvette fan and the 2020 will be my 38th. Corvette, (I’m Old) but I’m faithful to the dealer that has always treated me fairly and deserves my allegiance. He’s just not that Big.

  2. You’re featuring a dealership that advertises C8 Corvettes for $10k OVER MSRP? When Corvette Blogger works to expose dealerships that use this strategy? That’s just wrong.

  3. What a great Chevy Store.
    So kind of them to only charge $10,000 premium over Monroney for a C8.
    No wonder they have 4 of them in stock for sale!

  4. Yeah, $10,000 over list price seems ridiculous until you see sellers on eBay (etc.) selling for even more profit.

    It’s called Supply and Demand.

    I’ll wait until 2021 for mine.

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