[VIDEO] General Motors Outlines Safety Measures for Resuming Automotive Manufacturing


[VIDEO] General Motors Outlines Safety Measures for Resuming Automotive Manufacturing

We know that one of the most important things that GM and the UAW can do together is coming up with a plan that allows the resumption of production at plants across America including the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green while keeping employees as safe as possible.

To that end, we know that masks and social distancing will play a role in keeping the workers safe, yet on many assembly lines, it is impossible not to remain distant from co-workers.

We found this news package from a Lansing, MI station via our friends at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com that details these concerns.

The video notes that in addition to masks and social distancing, GM is setting up thermal imaging stations at plant entrances to get temperature readings on workers as they enter the plants, and disinfectant products will be made available for use on every shift.

WILX-TV talked to Steve Delaney, Vice President of UAW Local 602 (Lansing), who said, “Some of the jobs working shoulder to shoulder touching the same part, the same time.”

While PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be made available for workers, it may be a challenge for those with asthma or other conditions. “If they have a true medical condition and have a note from a doctor they will get regular paid sick leave,” Delaney said. “If they say ‘I just don’t feel safe going back to work’ they can go on unpaid leave.”

The station also reports that GM Employees in Lansing are expected back to work on Monday, May 18th, and we hope that also goes for workers at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant as well.

We wrote last week that Kentucky is expected to open up manufacturing on May 11th, while the UAW was setting the timetable for the big 3 domestic auto companies to resume work on May 18th. Some of the other manufacturers who produce cars in the USA are opening earlier with Toyota starting to bring back employees for a reorientation period at their Kentucky plants this week as they prepare to restart on May 11th.


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  1. UAW push GM to wait until 18 May to open the Bowling Green Plant reminds of an old joke about the “most important part of the body” it wasn’t brain, it wasn’t the eyes it wasn’t the ears. I believe to UAW is trying to show itself to be more important GM, the Auto Workers and the Governor of Kentucky. Maybe they should take a vote of the workers from that plant, oh no that would be democracy!

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