[PICS] Swedish-Built C4 Corvette Brings Back Memories of Miami Vice and Testarossas


[PICS] Swedish-Built C4 Corvette Brings Back Memories of Miami Vice and Testarossas

Photo Credit: by_bjork / Instagram

Every once in a while, I go through the stage of wanting another C4 Corvette. Having owned an ’86, an ’88, and an ’89, I realize firsthand these fourth generation ‘Vettes aren’t the most powerful ever built or the most reliable (remember the newfangled key on the ’86 that was supposed to prevent thefts but wound up leaving some owners stranded because the key wouldn’t work?).

But they were definitely fun, good-looking cars to have as a young man, with plenty of torque and who can forget about that clamshell front hood that’s still about as cool to me as a car can get?

While Smurf Blue isn’t usually my first color of choice, this creation done over the winter by the Swedish builder, Jim Björk, might just be the best-looking C4 I’ve ever seen.

Some purists might decry the big wing on the back, it’s reminiscent a little bit to me of the optional high wing spoiler on the new mid-engine Corvette. We think it provides a good balance to the rest of the car that is decked out with add-on fender flares front and back to give a wide-body look without the wide body.

And those huge Toyo tires and deep dish white wheels are the finishing touch. And, did we mention the four black stripes on each side that give it a “Miami Vice” Ferrari Testarossa look?

As the years have rolled past, we’ve really started to appreciate the round rear-end tail light treatment on the back of the early C4s, as opposed to the rectangular ZR-1 look of the later years.

One final touch: the black grills on the hood just back of the pop-up headlights add a different look to the front end.

So what’s your take? Am I just a demented old man living in the ’80s who loves this updated look, or is this really the coolest C4 I’ve ever seen?

by_bjork / Instagram via AutoEvolution

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  1. I like it !!! Love the front grill treatment. This Corvette looks like it is ready for the next WEC race. Pretty wicked looking C4.

  2. I like the black grills on the hood, and the front end cleaned up pretty well. The color and wheels wouldn’t be my first choice, but it does dress up the early C4’s and makes them look a little more finish. I own a 94 coupe.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of the C4’s, but I gotta say this one is pretty sharp. I’ve seen a number of cars done by the northern European folks that proves they’ve got what it takes to build some awesome vehicles. Nicely done!!

  4. Gosh, I don’t know where to start… the Miami Vice cars were crafted before all these after-market folks discovered how to make plastic and fiberglass products to glue on our sports cars, all of them.
    The example in this posting is a really good example of ordering pages 9 through 21 and then making all that “stuff” stick to your car and getting someone with really good skills, but no standards to paint it so it hides all the shoddy workmanship. The finished product looks very much like a Christmas tree ornament.

  5. I’m the old guy on here that doesn’t believe in messing with Corvettes. The C4 is the exception. Put lipstick on a pig and you still have a pig.

  6. Still have my ’90 Arctic White coupe… with Toyos…something about the C4.
    I had a C6, and two C7s (currently a 2017 Grand Sport).
    C8 is so tempting, but I’ll wait. And “Icicle” isn’t going anywhere. LOL

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