[PICS] You Can Rent This Cool C5 Corvette ‘El Camino’ in Switzerland


[PICS] You Can Rent This Cool C5 Corvette 'El Camino' in Switzerland

The C5 Corvette is getting enough age on it that resourceful owners are coming up with all sorts of creative uses for these now low-priced sports cars.

Last week, for instance, we showed you a “shorty” fifth-generation Corvette that had been chopped at the rear and reassembled to look like a Miata/Beetle mishmash of parts.

Now Reddit has provided a possible compromise between me and my wife, who has been telling me for months that we need a truck more than we need a new C8 Corvette.

This C5 that has been converted into a pickup might be the perfect answer!

[PICS] You Can Rent This Cool C5 Corvette 'El Camino' in Switzerland

We could even rent it for that occasional trip to Home Depot to haul sheets of plywood or bags of mulch. Unfortunately, having to refill the tank after finishing up our chores would be mighty expensive – especially since the car is now in Switzerland!

We like the light blue and white paint scheme that pays homage to the Corvettes of the mid-1950s, and we’ve always been partial to the hardtop look of the C5 Z06. The aluminum-lined bed of the truck even looks nice to our eyes.

The car – which also pays homage to the Chevrolet El Camino half car/half pickup of the ‘60s and ‘70s – is owned by Neufeld’s Special Cars Zurich, and you can rent it for special occasions, even for movie and TV show productions.

Or even that occasional trip to Home Depot.

Reddit via carscoops.com

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