QUICK SHIFTS: 1953 Throwback, Honoring Ed Welburn, Michelin Tech, Rockenfeller Q&A and Corvette Trivia


QUICK SHIFTS: 1953 Throwback, Honoring Ed Welburn, Michelin Tech, Rockenfeller Q&A and Corvette Trivia

Welcome to Quick Shifts! Quick Shifts is a content feature here at CorvetteBlogger featuring links to Corvette and automotive-related stories of interest. Check out these automotive quick shifts featuring 67 Years of Corvette Production, Ed Welburn, Improving Michelins, Corvette Racing’s Mike Rockenfeller, the latest chapter in the never-ending war between the Camaro and Mustang, Valentine’s Corvette Trivia, and a possible preview of C7 Z06 vs. C8 Z06.


For most Corvette fans, the most exciting thing happening in the world of the Plastic Fantastic is the start of C8 production at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Hot Rod posted a quick article featuring pictures of Corvettes on the assembly line taken 67 years apart. It is a really cool post that got us thinking about the other generations too. If you want some further reading and/or throwback pictures. Here is our post from 2016 detailing the build of the 1963 pilot car, here is an interesting gallery that we found featuring the final days of C3 production and here is a great read about BGA from Super Chevy that you may have missed over the summer.

See the original and the latest Corvettes being assembled at HotRod.com and don’t forget to click the other links above!

First 1953 Corvette vs First 2020 Corvette


For Black History Month, we would like to join our friends over at Nickelodeon in highlighting former GM Design boss, Ed Welburn who oversaw the design of the C7 Corvette and the reborn Camaro among countless other General Motors products. We want to recommend a great profile on Mr. Welburn by the professional association for design here.

Also check out the cool Nickelodeon commercial that inspired this Quick Shift and share it with a child in your life, it could inspire them to get into automotive design! It can be viewed on Vimeo:


For our shift to third, we would like to share an Engineering Explained video by way of Road & Track. In the video, the EE crew describes how Michelin made its best tire even better when they replaced the Pilot Super Sport with the Pilot Sport 4S. Both tires are near and dear to Corvette enthusiasts and the video is definitely worth a watch if you are interested in how your car has been optimized for grip from the factory.

Learn something from Engineering Explained by following this link.

Michelin Tire Technology


The FIA World Endurance Championship website brings you a great interview with “Rocky” for fourth gear. Corvette Racing’s Mike Rockenfeller has a great Q&A here about the extremely competitive field that the C8.R is up against this season.

Give it a look here.

Mike Rockenfeller


Being a fan of a car without any real, direct competitor on the market can get boring at times. Corvette fans are like Yankees fans if there were no Red Sox, North Carolina fans if Duke didn’t exist, or even a lonely Coca-Cola in a sad, Pepsi-less world.

Sometimes we have to cheer for our little brother, the Camaro in order to feel that rivalry rush. In a follow-up to a couple of weeks ago when we shared early looks at the rekindled ZL1 and Shelby GT500 mêlée, we have more action for you to see. First of all, the YouTube Channel, Throttle House made an outstanding video with special guests, Jason Cammisa and Randy Pobst that is a must-watch if you aren’t one of the 1.4 Million people who have already enjoyed this excellent content!

Car and Driver also posted their take on this matchup this week and, just like Throttle House, they were nice enough to include the Hellcat Redeye in the proceedings.

Watch the video below and read C&Ds comparison test here.


Valentine’s Day Corvette Trivia! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we have a special edition of Trivia this weekend. Each picture features a lovely ‘Vette “paired up” with another vehicle. We want to get some of you out of your comfort zones here by asking if you can name the other car(s) in each picture? Good luck!

Test your knowledge on Sporcle.

Test your Corvette Trivia Knowledge


This week we are reversing to 2015 for a Top Gear (magazine) test between the C7 Z06 and Ferrari 458 Speciale which, to the best of our current, 2020, knowledge is our best guess about how a head to head between the C7Z and the upcoming C8 Z06 might go. TG also threw in a GT-R NISMO for good measure, it is a great read! Enjoy and have a great weekend, Corvette Nation!

Read about and imagine the next Z06 it here.

C7 Z06 and Ferrari 458 Speciale

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