[VIDEO] Corvette Heaven! Multiple C8 Corvettes Lined Up in a Row


[VIDEO] Corvette Heaven! Multiple C8 Corvettes in a Variety of Colors

Although customer-ordered C8 Corvettes are just now hitting the assembly line, Chevrolet has been building the 2020 Corvette Stingrays for the last couple of months.

The word on the street is that some dealers will be receiving “stimulus” Corvettes for sale. These Corvettes were produced at the end of the Captured Test Fleet (CTF) run and have the same VIN structure as those pre-customer cars. The top volume dealers will get three stimulus Corvette while others will receive just one. Dealers can sell that extra stimulus allocation however they wish.

So I’m thinking that these Corvettes you see here might be part of that stimulus program or it could be a GM location receiving CTF cars. Either way, this is most C8 Corvettes I’ve seen together in one location. Let’s just call it Corvette Heaven!

A user on Instagram named beezee522 captured this group of 15 new mid-engine C8 Corvettes lined up in a row with different colors represented. And we spy another 10 that are wrapped and stacked on an auto transport behind them.

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Yep! It’s definitely Corvette Season!


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  1. I enjoyed seeing it race at the Rolex 24, but I just don’t know if I would like to drive one every day. My C5 and C6 are both beautiful, fun to drive and easily handle luggage on cross country trips; this vehicle is definitely more of a Race Car than it is a Sports Car. So, I need to drive one for a few miles and try to put mine and my wifes normal luggage into it, before I am convinced that I want to buy one. P.S. I have been in Love with Corvettes, since I was 12 years old, working in my Dad’s Shop!

  2. Damn, I wonder when and if we will ever see a C8 here in OR. I’m looking to upgrade my 2LT C6 to a C6 GS, I figure that once the C8’s are out and about there is going to be a lot of trade in’s hopefully several Cardinal Red Met GS’s. Time will tell.

  3. Because my wife and I each had a C3 earlier in our married lives and we loved them both (72 coupe, 454 4-speed, steel cities gray and 74 coupe, 350 auto, classic white), I got more excited about seeing the ’69 427 coupe featured in today’s blog than I did about the string of C8s. For me, the jury is still out on whether I’m all in on the C8. Until I feel comfortable with that decision, I’ll just continue to enjoy my C5 vert and C7 coupe.

  4. I love to peruse eBay and other Corvette sites just to see different
    configurations, colors, interiors, etc, etc.
    But with the almost unlimited options on the new C8
    I’m most excited and anxiously awaiting to see what
    all the different options and how they will look on these
    new cars. The only thing I won’t be too excited about
    are the wheel options offered? All homely to me.

  5. Glad I bought my C7 when I did not too sure if I’d by the C8. It had some complexities with electrical and mechanical problems it looks more like a race car than it does a sports car and being a traditional Corvette enthusiast owning a C5 and C7 I just don’t see what all the hype is about when the car looks like an American Ferrari you would think for $60,000 they could have designed a better front end can’t get a manual transmission can’t get chrome rims well Chevrolet I’m glad I bought the C7 and I get a lot of compliments on it too it’s Long Beach red metallic tintcoat silver interior chrome rims. $65,000 original price with all the discounts applied and two trade ins final cost for $38,000. That’s still plenty of C7s to go around if anyone’s interested and with a little Wheelin and dealin I’m sure you can get the same deal that I did. I wish you all good luck in your endeavors whichever Corvette you might buy. I was originally looking to buy a C8 in September but the car was not available in my dealership here so I opted to buy the C7 and I’m glad I did very pleased with the car.

  6. My last car was a new Ferrari and I have owned several Corvettes going back to 1965. I have the new mid engine convertible on order and have lost all interest in the older models. The C7 was beautifully designed but personally speaking it is like looking at Model T now when compared to the new layout. In a few short years I may feel the same way about the C8 when it is replaced by an electric powered sports car that will be faster with new styling.

  7. @ She needs me (Really?) HaHaHa. Lets look at the generation gap. You’re 40s, attractive, and have money (inherited?). I’m 70s, plain, and relatively poor. We both like Corvettes. You think they’re getting better, I think they’re looking more and more like a Hot Wheels creation. I can’t imagine how ridicules the electric models will look. I have a C3 (Sexy) and a C6 (Hot, really HOT Z06). While the newer Corvettes are faster, my Z06 has a 427 with a manual transmission and it’s faster than I could ever drive it, I love it. Good luck (when you finally get) your new C8 being built by the second shift that was just hired and bunch of union cry-babies that voted against the new contract. HaHaHaHaHa.

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