[VIDEO] Team Chevy Drops ‘Thunder and Lightning’ Teaser for the C8.R Corvette


[VIDEO] Team Chevy Drops 'Thunder and Lightning' Teaser for the C8.R Corvette

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

The next era of Corvette Racing is almost here and Team Chevy is excited to see the new mid-engined C8.R Corvettes as they compete for the first time at the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

Team Chevy has been studying the gathering storm clouds on the horizon and they are calling for 24 hours of Thunder and Lightning!

From Team Chevy via Twitter:

Watch the all-new mid-engine #Corvette #C8R storm the start of the @IMSA season January 25, at the 2020 @Rolex24Hours at @DISupdates.

The Rolex 24 at Daytona takes place January 25-26th with the green flag dropping on Saturday at 1:40 pm.

Team Chevy / Twitter

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  1. If we were talking about the C7R I’d totally understand the Thunder correlation… Sorry, but it just doesn’t fit the new C8R… However, don’t get me wrong, I like the way the new V8 flat plane-crank engine sounds and look forward to hearing it first hand at Daytona. Best to Team Corvette!!!!

  2. JB,
    Absolutely correct. The C7.R will be the last of the true deep “Chevy Thunder”. The European fans at LeMans always loved and raved about that sound. While the C8.R will sound “okay”, it will at least sound better than the Ford GT. (as would anything!)

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