Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: I’ll Even Clean My Room!


Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Man's Best Friend Loves Corvette Rides Too!

I used the “But I cleaned my room” back in my teens when trying to convince my mom to let me drive the ’66 Corvette. It never worked, but it’s always a good try.

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Saturday Morning Corvette Comic: Man’s Best Friend Loves Corvette Rides Too!
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  1. In reference to the comic kid cleaning his room to get a Corvette I can do you one better. I wasn’t going to go to college, but my dad promised me a Corvette (used) in 1963 if I would go to college. So I enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University, graduated in 3-1/2 years………..and NEVER got that Corvette. In fact I didn’t get anything at graduation. My dad merely lied to me to get me to go to college. That college degree has never helped me make one dollar, but I followed my Vette passion and have had 10 Corvettes, plus we have a 2020 on order, I’ve owned and edited the 70’s largest circulated Corvette magazine, written several Corvette restoration and How-To books. So, don’t give up on your passion, no matter what it is……just follow it.

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