[STOLEN] Joyride in Unattended C6 Corvette Grand Sport Ends With Crash Through a Fence


[STOLEN] Joyride in Unattended C6 Corvette Grand Sport Ends With Crash Through a Fence

Photo Credit: Austin Dave

The owner of this Corvette got a valuable life lesson Thursday: Never leave your car unattended with the engine running. Bad things can happen.

That’s what the owner of this yellow C6 Grand Sport coupe, unfortunately, found out Thursday in Santa Clarita, Calif., when he came back to find his car missing.

But not for long.

Deputies received a call about the Corvette crashing through a white fence on Avenida Rancho Tesoro about 10 p.m. Thursday.

The suspect fled the scene after the accident and apparently remains at large, according to a story about the theft on hometownstation.com.

Not surprisingly, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials are warning local residents not to leave their car unattended with the motor running. The theft of this Corvette is proof why.

Video from the scene shows lawmen checking out the scene, with skid marks on the road indicating the path of the car. In the dark, it’s hard to tell exactly how much damage was done to the paint, but one shot does reveal the front fender knocked loose on the passenger side.


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  1. Duh! Dumb move and now he has to explain what happened to his insurance agent. Hmmm…I guess this falls under comprehensive.

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