[STOLEN] Red C6 Corvette Left Running at a 7-Eleven is Easy Pickings for Car Thief


[STOLEN] Red C6 Corvette Left Running at a 7-Eleven is Easy Pickings for Car Thief

The owner of a red 2005 Corvette coupe is probably wishing he’d shut his car off when he dashed into a 7-Eleven on Route 112 in Coram, N.Y., on Friday night.

Instead, the man left the engine running on his Corvette – with the key fob and his cell phone still inside, no less – while he went inside for a couple of items.

When he came back out, his car was missing.

“He came here to get dog food and ice cream for our daughter, and when he got out of the car and went inside and when he came back out the car was gone,” the owner’s wife, Danielle Bovenzi, told longislandnews.com.

Police hope someone may have witnessed the crime and will call Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. The car’s license plate reads L-I-2-4-7-TOWING.

Security footage shows a man walking up to the Corvette, but unfortunately, the video freezes just at the moment when police believe the car was taken.

Danielle Bovenzi said her husband thinks he was followed by someone in a gray SUV and believes it may have been the same vehicle he had seen minutes earlier at another 7-Eleven in Selden.

She says the key fob that normally makes the push-button start operable wasn’t working the night of the theft. Unfortunately, the thief can still crank the car with the bad fob by inserting it into a special slot in the glove compartment.

By the way, the owner’s cell phone later was found by the side of the road, so it couldn’t be tracked to try and find the Corvette.

Naturally, the Bovenzis would love to have their Corvette back and have a message for the thief.

“Karma comes around to everyone. If you still have it, dump it somewhere. Hopefully, there’s nothing wrong with it, but we’d really like our property back,” she says.


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  1. A manual transmission is the best anti-theft deterrent out there! I’m guessing his C6 was equipped with an automatic.

  2. He sees a suspicious SUV he had seen earlier, so he leaves the car running while he goes inside for dog food and ice cream, HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. IQ about equal to his shoe size, HaHaHaHaHa

  3. Sometimes people make simple mistakes. Perhaps he was thinking about his daughter. Why no comments on the thief?

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