Corvettes for Sale: Your Weekly Shopping List


Corvettes for Sale: Your Weekly Shopping List

The best thing about my second job here at CorvetteBlogger is that it finally allows me to put the countless hours that I spend browsing online car marketplaces to good use. If I were closer to my prime-earning years and/or came into a large amount of cheddar cheese through the lottery, inheritance, or collecting the bounty on John Wick, the following Corvettes (and a few surprises) would be a must for my collection. Unfortunately, neither time travel nor any other means of augmenting income worked out for me this week. My loss is your gain as I decided to share my shopping list with my loyal readership instead of hoarding listings in hope of a long-shot cash infusion; enjoy!

C7: First, I would like to point out what a great buy you can get on the pinnacle of the entire front-engine Corvette lineage, a 2019 ZR1. The example in question can be found at Van Horn Automotive in Plymouth, WI and it has only been driven 3,000 miles by its first owner who was kind enough to take the initial deprecation hit of around $20k for you. You are looking at a supercharged, Torch Red beast with the top-of-the-line 3ZR equipment group, competition seats, and the high-wing ZTK package. This is also (most likely but don’t abandon hope!) last call for a ‘Vette with a clutch pedal and it can be yours for just $7,000 higher than some industrious (greedy) dealerships/private parties are asking for “early production” C8s; I know which one I’d choose in a heartbeat!

2019 Corvette ZR1

C6: Now that the car that has been haunting me for weeks is listed as “Sale Pending,” I can finally move on and share an even better buy with everyone. When it comes to the C6 generation, I am completely obsessed with a specific jumble made up of two letters preceded by a single letter that created what are arguably the 740 (540 in 2011, 117 in 2012, and 83 in 2013) most desirable of the 215,123 total sixth generation ‘Vettes produced between 2005 and 2013. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about the Z07 package that turned the brutish, naturally aspirated Z06 into a corner carving animal by adding MagRide, carbon-ceramic brakes, improved aerodynamics, and, on ’12 and ’13 models, ultra-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires all from the top-dog ZR1. The one that comes to you from my Autotrader favorites is a phenomenal value at just $50,000. That is about 50% of the original MSRP and more than $5k less than any other Z07 I’ve seen in this nice of condition. For your money, you are getting an 8,000-mile gem painted in the best dark shade in recent memory, Cyber Gray Metallic and the rare, carbon fiber hood option (originally a $4,000 option) and an added Kenwood navigation/stereo head unit which put the owner back more than three grand. I really don’t see this one lasting much longer at that price. If you are interested, act fast!

Corvette Z06

C5: There are hundreds of fantastic Corvettes for sale directly from caring enthusiasts like yourself on our sister website, VetteFinders. While looking through C5’s the other day, several jumped out at me as desirable, good buys. The one I want to highlight though is adorned with one of the rarest, coolest, and best named colors that GM offered exclusively in 1998; Medium Purple Pearl Metallic. Of the 31,084 ‘Vettes to leave the factory in ’98, just 381 of them were painted MPPM and this 51,400 mile example is included in the even smaller group of 22 that features a manual transmission. You can gain access to this exclusive club for the low, low price of $17,500 right now!

1998 Corvette

C2: High rollers out there who scoffed at the first three cars, I have you covered with this next one. Blackdog Performance Cars in Lincolnshire, IL is currently showing a never before titled 1965 Fuelie that they claim is the lowest mileage example in the world. With an odometer reading of just 1,653, it could actually be the lowest mileage C2 in existence; reminiscent of this 914 mile ’72 from a couple of years ago but without the neglect. This 1965 convertible is beautifully optioned with one of the best pound for pound V8s of the original “Golden Era” of American Muscle, the 375 horse 327. This, beastliest of all Fuel-Injected mid-year V8s is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission and wrapped in a stunningly well preserved, all-original Glen Green body and auxiliary hardtop. The interior is Saddle leather to match the beige soft top. Accompanying the sale will be the original build sheet, window sticker, protect-o-plate, owner’s manual, and more. Did I mention the awards that this unbelievable car has racked up? They include [Deep Breath…] NCRS Top Flight & Performance Verification, NCRS Bowtie, NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence, NCRS Gallery Display, Bloomington Gold Benchmark, Bloomington Gold Survivor, Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame, Bloomington Gold Special Collection award, and the Triple Crown! This car has the power to stand out in even the highest-end coinsurer’s collection and it is priced accordingly. Anyone who wants to take her home will have to bring $488,000 (and possibly some goats) to the table.

1965 Corvette

Surprise 1950’s Chevrolet: I was going to predictably close with a First-Generation Corvette but made the mistake of only searching Hemmings for 1957 Chevrolets (no model indicated), as I was interested in checking out some Nomads while I was at it. In the sea of beautiful coved ‘Vettes, single cab trucks, and Bel Airs, one vehicle really stood out and practically begged me to be published for all of Corvette Blogger’s readers to see. I listened and here it is; a 1957 NAPCO Suburban that has been the subject of a full frame-off restoration. The listing does a great job (with some help from Wikipedia) at describing what a NAPCO ‘Burb was/is but here is the cliff notes version: NAPCO was a 4-Wheel Drive manufacturer that helped the WWII effort by producing 4×4 parts, their assemblies could be ordered by the government and later civilians to upfit their RWD (mostly Chevrolet and GMC) vehicles into off-road “Mountain Goats” at a cost of $995 on top of the Suburban’s original MSRP of $2,435. It wasn’t cheap but you can’t argue with the incredibly cool result! This 283 powered all-terrain unit can be had from American Dream Machines in Des Moines, Iowa for $69,900 and it doesn’t even ruin the theme of this list because it features a 4-speed row-your-own transmission.

1957 Chevy

Well, this marks the end of this week’s shopping list. Happy hunting, everyone!

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  1. Hummm…..Wish I could afford a C6 ZO6 of any sort, I would trade my C6 for a C6 GS in Crystal Red Met. Hard to find.

  2. Minor typo correction — “a specific jumble made up of two letters preceded by a single letter” presumably should have read “a specific jumble made up of two numbers preceded by a single letter”.

  3. Alex, It’s Steve Reese, your old car friend from your days at the dealership! I’ve read you Blog for a while and you do put some life into the Corvette world! By the way, you have to go way back on the 1965 Glen Green Fuelie convertible! When the original owner found out Chevrolet was not offering FI for 1966 (and it was too late to order a 1965!), he went on a search for a FI car and bought this as one of the last known examples! You may find this history in an old issue of Vette Vues as well as many magazines (back in the day!).
    Best regards, Steve Reese

  4. Awesome to hear from you Steve! Thanks for the extra background info on that ’65 and the kind words! I’ll have to swing by and see you again some time.

  5. Alex, It will be good to see you! I didn’t know if it would be correct to mention the dealer name on your site, so I left it alone! Best regards, Steve

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