[VIDEO] Corvette Assembly Plant Resumes Operations as UAW Returns to Work


[VIDEO] Corvette Assembly Plant Resumes Operations as UAW Returns to Work

After the United Auto Workers approved their new four-year labor contract with General Motors, workers in Bowling Green, KY returned to the Corvette Assembly Plant on Monday where production resumed on the final 2019 Corvettes.

Not everyone was in favor of the new deal as 56% of GM plant workers in Bowling Green voted against the negotiated contract, but Local 2164 president Jack Bowers believes its good to get back to work.

“I think they’re feeling, you know, that they’re glad they are back to work, but they would have liked to see more things they wanted in the contract,” said Local 2164 President, Jack Bowers. “That speaks for how close the votes were and some of the ‘no’ votes, but at the end of the day it’s going to be good everyone gets back to work.”

[VIDEO] Corvette Assembly Plant Resumes Operations as UAW Returns to Work

Plant spokesperson Rachel Bagshaw tells us that work will continue on the C7 Corvette through mid-November before taking a scheduled three-week break to retool the plant for the new 2020 Corvette.

“We’re back right now producing the seventh generation corvette,” said Rachel Bagshaw, Communication Manager for the General Motors Corvette Plant. “We are going to undergo some launch related downtime that’s between the weeks of November 18th through December 6th.”

Here’s a local TV report from WBKO:


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  1. Will these cars be built properly, or slapped together by disgruntled employees. Is it better to wait till next year when attitudes and emotions have settled down a bit before placing any orders? No one wants to spend huge money to find out one now owns a clunker that spends much of it’s time on the rack at the local dealership being “put right”.

  2. GM plants normally take a Xmas break between mid-December and Jan. 2, so if they get retooled by Dec. 6 they will only get one week of C8 production under their belts in 2019. Production of the 2020 models won’t begin in earnest until Jan. 2.

  3. Iam starting to lose interest in the C8 because it has taken so long to produce. Maybe next year things will look better.

  4. I have no fear that the C8’s will be just fine as they start rolling off the line. The level of engineering today in assembly line and tier 1 lineside modular delivery will produce consistent quality on this car. Gone are the days of Monday or Friday cars IMHO. I worked for a supplier to GM in Canada for years and have proudly purchased only GM cars since. I have my deposit in for a “reservation slot” in line with my local dealer to get our order in for the new C8. Told it will be mid Feb before their allocations start up for orders for them. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I have been waiting for the C8 to debut for years! Knew it was coming, but this strike delay was just killing me. Oh well. Happy to see resolution and hope GM can keep the momentum going. Can’t wait to see the future vette updates and sure the Z06 will be killer!

  5. I do not understand how a one month strike leads to a 3 month delay in production. Have the brains in Detroit ever thought it may be in their favor to have a 3rd shift or run two ten hour shifte to satisfy the paying customers demand??

  6. Perhaps a 3rd shift is the way to go to make their paying customers happy and speed up production or move to 2 10 hour shifts.It’s a no brainer to any one who has one.

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