Bowling Green Assembly Plant UAW Members Vote to Reject New Labor Agreement with GM


Bowling Green Assembly Plant UAW Members Reject New Labor Agreement with GM

Bowling Green UAW Local 2164 held their vote on Wednesday on whether to accept the negotiated labor agreement hammered out with General Motors after striking for 38 days. When the votes were tabulated, 56% (498) voted against the new agreement while 44% (393) voted to accept it.

That’s a far cry from the 70% approval rating that Local 2164 President Jack Bowers thought the new contract would garner earlier in the week.

Voting has taken place at eight GM plants while 27 are still waiting to cast their ballots. According to the Detroit News UAW Vote Tracker, the Yes vote is leading 60% (5,255) while the No vote is 40% (3,491).

By far the worst defeat comes from the 842 members of Local 1097 in Rochester, NY which saw only 17% voting in favor of the new agreement. Yet at Local 14 which represents Toledo’s Transmission plant, the vote to approve the new contract was 80% from both production and skilled trades members.

The UAW is expected to receive all ballots by 4 pm on Friday.

The strike, now in its 5th week, has already delayed the start of production of the 2020 Corvette Stingray as customers with early TPWs (Target Projection Week) saw their orders slide from early December into mid-to-late January.

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  1. Exactly. It’s just sad,they have GM by the wheels and don’t care the damage they’re doing to GM. GM is trying hard to make saleable cars.

  2. The UAW needs to stop with the temper tantrum and get back to work already. The C8 is a huge hit with the public. The last thing you want is unhappy customers.

  3. These UAW cry-babies are passed the point where they will ever make up for money lost while on strike (even with “strike pay”). They had it made before the strike. They need to get their spoiled asses back to work. Would really like to see what President Reagan did when the air traffic controllers went on strike. If you’re too young to know about that, he fired all the strikers, replaced them with management and trained new people. Probably not a practical move for GM. Have no respect for workers striking and costing their company billions.

  4. Nobody is forcing UAW members to work for GM. If they don’t like their terms or working conditions, they should simply seek employment elsewhere. They’ve already screwed things up economically for themselves and the company. There are no winners here, hence no point in continuing the strike.

  5. Some times some people don’t realize how good of a job they have until they don’t have it anymore.

  6. You people have no idea what you are talking about. First and foremost… go F*** Y*********! This is about trying to keep our jobs in America… it’s not about money. Gm can keep their $11,000 signing bonus, just as long as we have work in the future. F*** You!

  7. The Unions are hurting America and the union members seem to think they control everything. Fire those that do not want to work, like the air traffic control union members who were all fired and replaced. This would get their attention.
    General Motors is not the problem.
    The greedy workers are the problem.

  8. Looks like the UAW has forgotten the saying “you can shear the sheep many times but you can only skin it once.”

  9. Ahhh what a positive and educational from the union memeber….

    This is why the union should be crushed

  10. Somebody needs to tell Jimbo that there is no such thing as job security. If a company can make a product for less somewhere else they will. And if they can do so by paying workers less nothing will stop them from doing that. And making products in America means nothing if nobody can afford to buy them, or only a small percentage of people can. The UAW is going to die sooner or later, because the younger generation really do not support unions like the older generation did. Just look at the current level of membership, it continues to drop year after year, decade after decade. The writing is on the wall, and the UAW and unions are a dying breed.

  11. A result of ‘full employment’ is that workers have more negotiating power, since the available labor force is limited. A downside of a low unemployment rate? You decide.

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