[PIC] High Wing and Full Length Racing Stripes Decorate this 2020 Corvette Stingray


[PIC] High Wing and Full Length Racing Stripes Decorate this 2020 Corvette Stingray

Photo Credit: TheC8Page / Instagram

I sometimes get some weird emails from you peeps and yesterday, it was demanded that I show more pictures of the 2020 Corvettes wearing the High Wing, whether I like it or not!:


Not that I’ve ever spoken out against showing the High Wing option. And why are you shouting at me? Anyway, we are able to accommodate RB’s request for more High Wing pics after this one came to our attention on social media.

For just the third time, we are seeing a 2020 Corvette Stingray wearing the High Wing option on the rear deck. I believe it’s also the first time I have seen a real car with the full-length racing stripe package.

We came across the photo via theC8page on Instagram.

At first I thought we had scored the first pics of a High Wing on a Sebring Orange car. But then I remembered that the body color High Wing option (5ZU) is only available in four colors: Shadow Gray, Arctic White, Black, and Torch Red. So perhaps the original poster used a filter or something when uploading the pic to the ‘Gram as this Corvette should be Torch Red.

The Stingray looks to be riding on a set of bright Silver wheels and so we think the racing stripes were also done in Sterling Silver (DUB) to match.

As mentioned above, this is only the third time we’ve spied the High Wing on a car. That previous sighting was just last week and that Torch Red Coupe also showed off the fender hash marks for the first time. Now if we could only see a new Stingray wearing a full carbon fiber aerodynamics package!

TheC8Page / Instagram

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  1. Suppose you can get your high wing painted any color you want for a few bucks at a paint shop, if that is what you want.

  2. I was able to use a GM site to build the C-8, LT2 Z-51, Accelerate Yellow with solid color roof panel, High Wing Spoiler in Flash Carbon Fiber and full length Sterling Silver Stripes. Nice to actually see a photo of the Corvette I have on order. (Many options, maybe too many)

    Not sure anyone other than myself would be interested in the combination of colors and options I chose, still nice to look at it from time to time while I sit here and WAIT like everyone else. Almost as bad a being in the service, “Hurry Up and Wait” 🙂

  3. Sorry, but these particular stripes just don’t look right on the C8. They seem a bit too narrow IMHO. Others may like them and that’s cool too, each to their own…

  4. Agree JB, and wondering how well those stripes work on the convertible’s rear deck louvers? Will need to see more of them in future pics.

  5. Stripes are tacky? The latest Ford GT has stripes. And several of the older and newer Ferrari’s like the 488 Pista, the 458 Speciale and the latest SF90 have stripes and they look great!

  6. I am interested in seeing how a C-8 with Body Color Exterior Accents look. I have seen them on the Corvette build site, but would like to see an actual photograph. Thanks.

  7. I love the White Stripes and Red Hash Marks on the Elkhart Lake Blue Vette (2019 Grand Sport). I am hoping to mirror that color combo on my 2020 Vette. But… No option for White Stripes that I have seen yet.

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