Corvettes on eBay: This 1975 Corvette and Frame is our First ‘Rafter Find’


Corvettes on eBay: This 1975 Corvette and Frame is our First 'Rafter Find'

Over the years, we have covered Corvettes for sale that were barn finds, back-yard finds and even storage container finds. But I think this is the first “Rafter Find” that we’ve seen in our 14 years of covering Corvettes for sale here at CorvetteBlogger.

Our inaugural “Rafter Find” Corvette can be found in Oak Ridge, New Jersey. That’s where the body of a 1975 Corvette Coupe is stored side-by-side with its frame as they are both suspended from the rafters of a garage.

The 1975 Corvette was listed for sale on eBay. This is a project Corvette as no engine or transmission is included.

The details of the car in the auction’s description are scarce with the seller only saying “Excellent undamaged body and frame been in storage sens [sic] the 80s”.


The Corvette and its frame can be purchased for just $1,500 when you click the “Buy it Now” button. So far no bids have been offered on the project C3 and the auction ends on Sunday at 11:32 PM ET.

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  1. By the time you pay $1500 for this and round up the rest of the parts necessary to complete this car, you will be working for $0.02 cents per hour and have 3 times the money in it that it could sell for. Leave it in the rafters, or just buy it for parts to complete another car

  2. I have a 1975 Corvette convertible body that was hanging fron the rafters in the garage while I rebuilt the frame, chassis, engine, transmission, and rear end. The body is now back on the rolling chassis. I have some body work to wrap up then it goes into paint and fnally the new interior gets installed.
    This all happened in a two car garage that was sharing the space with a Hyundai, motorcycle, tools, a milling machine, lathe, press, two mig / tig welders, a glass bead cabinet and a 19′ long sailboat project. The sailboat is now occupying the sling that supported the ‘vette body.
    The work space is a little tight but the work’s getting done.

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