C7 Corvette Z06 Total Production Breakdown


C7 Corvette Z06 Total Production Breakdown

Earlier we covered the overall numbers for C7 Corvette production. When you break the numbers down by model, new trends appear. The Supercharged Corvette Z06 debuted in 2015 and a total of 39,940 Z06s were built in the five-year run.

2016 was the peak year for Z06 production with 14,275 leaving the factory. This was a record for performance models, comfortably passing the 2003 C5 Z06 which celebrated Corvette’s 50th birthday by selling 8,635 units. The addition of convertible models and an optional automatic transmission make my cars.com searches much more complicated but led to massive sales gains for the C7 Z06. Through the eight years of C6 Z06 production (three more than C7 Zs), a total of 27,994 were sold. Even with five additional years of the more comparable C6 ZR1 and the one year only 427 Convertible, the C7 Z06 outsold all performance variants of the C6 by 4,710 cars!

C7 Corvette Z06 Total Production Breakdown

The take rate for seven-speed manuals was 34% with a total of 13,584 Z’s leaving southwest Kentucky with three pedals. The Z07 package found a home on 12,376 C7 Z06’s. Customers who ordered a combination of M7 and Z07 created the holy grail of fast and engaging Z06s that are most likely to hold or even gain value in the future as the C8 goes auto-only.

Arctic White was number one overall color for C7 production but it falls to second (7,256) on the Z06. The most popular color for the Z? Black at 7,822 total orders. Torch Red is the final color on the podium for Z06s with a total of 5,301.

C7 Corvette Z06 Total Production Breakdown

The three scarcest Z06 colors were Crystal Red which was applied to exactly 400 C7 Z06s, the stunning Black Rose with 373 produced, and Sterling Blue which only accounted for .28 of a percent of total Z production at 110 units.

The two special edition Z06 models are of particular interest to us at CorvetteBlogger.

An original run of 500 C7.R Edition Z06s was announced for 2016. High demand overseas (where the C7.R has a loyal following of racing fans) lead to 150 extra cars being built and exported to an adoring public. The breakdown of the 650 cars (a nod to the LT4’s monster HP rating) is; 570 Coupes, and just 80 convertibles.

C7 Corvette Z06 Total Production Breakdown

2018 saw the release of the second limited edition Z06 in the Carbon 65 Edition. These Ceramic Matrix Gray ‘Vettes were built to celebrate 65 years of production for America’s Sports Car. 281 Z06 Coupes and 72 Convertibles combined for a total of 353 Carbon 65s.

C7 Corvette Z06 Total Production Breakdown

Where did your Z06’s color come in the rankings? Do you wish that you had spec’d your car a little differently after seeing final production numbers? Let us know in the comments and be sure to stay tuned in to CorvetteBlogger as we continue looking into intriguing details about C7 production.

Photos by Keith Cornett

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  1. I think I have one of the most rare ZO6. It’s a 2018 Carbon 65 Convertible and 72 were made, but I’d be very curious how many would Spec out like mine. To my knowledge, there is no option it doesn’t have, including ZO7. The Pre-Tax MSRP exceeded $120,000.00, making it the most expensive Corvette I’ve ever known of, that wasn’t a ZR1.

  2. I purchased a 2 LZ 2017 Z06 with 24 miles in 2018, currently has 3300 miles. Very satisfied with the vet, is day and night better than my 2005 Vett that I did have though it was half the price of the Z06. Looking forward to see what the C8 Z06 will offer.

  3. I am lucky to have a yellow C7.R Coupe and wouldn’t change a thing, just wish the carbon ceramic brakes were more affordable to maintain as I do track this beauty.

  4. 2018 Z06 Torch Red w/auto 3LZ package, comp seats, with black leather and suede interior and a bunch of LPO goodies like Carbon center wheel caps,Z06 mats and custom GM car cover along with brake covers and duct track package from who ordered it and didn’t take delivery.
    Only one I could find in my area in Torch Red (4 states) sitting on the showroom floor in March of 2019……one of only 1,355 produced in Hot Rod Red…..
    Absolutely the best car I’ve ever driven….my 3rd Corvette and so glad now that I bought one of the last iconic American made supercars produced and with the engine right where it belongs.

  5. Any breakdown yet on interior colors with exterior colors? Love my crystal red Z06 convertible.

  6. I have 2016 Laguna Blue Z06 coupe with 8 speed, Z07 pack, Chrome pack and wheels, and with 3LZ Suede Brownstone Interior. I understand it is one of one.


  8. Great to learn about C7 history/production. I think another stat about the C7 engine build experience, option code PBC, would be interesting as I bought my 2017 Z06 because of this special option as no other OEM offers such an experience. How many engine build experiences did they do over the 5 year run and how many for US vs Canada and or other counties bought in? Did they offer it for any LT5 engines in 2019? I expect considering the complexity to offer such an experience in Bowling Green it will continue for the C8 era. GM certainly is very special to allow a customer the ultimate in personalization.

  9. We were fortunate enough to have had 2 ZO6’s. The first was a ’15 Night Race Blue coupe 3LZ auto with the twilight blue seats. Our present one is a ’18 Admiral Blue vert 2LZ auto. My wife prefers the vert and rides with the top down as much as possible here in SE TX. This is supposed to be our last vette but the C8’s look very inciting.

  10. I believe the 2018 Sebring Orange convertible 1LZ, 2LZ, 3LZ Z06 would be the rarest production model. I think they only made 3 in this configuration for that shortened production year.

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