[VIDEO] Catching a Ride in the 1968 Astrovette


[VIDEO] Catching a Ride in the 1968 Astrovette

General Motors unveiled the Astrovette show car in 1968 in conjunction with the release of the third-generation Corvette. It was designed with the intent of demonstrating superior aerodynamics.

The official press release at the time stated: “This clean-contoured, experimental Corvette is a study vehicle, which will provide useful information in yet another area of automotive design investigation”.

[VIDEO] Catching a Ride in the 1968 Astrovette

It had started life as a blue ’68 but was transformed into the Astrovette in the Spring of 1968. The Astrovette was given a pearl white exterior and the original blue interior was dyed black. The interior remained relatively stock, except for the steering wheel. The original 400hp L-68 427 remained as well.

It’s also interesting to note that the Astrovette was not well received at first As a matter of fact, it became known as “Moby Dick” and wound up on the secondary car show car circuit. Once retired from the chow car circuit, it was painted orange. The Astrovette was returned to its original show car specs in 1992 and is now on display at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

[VIDEO] Catching a Ride in the 1968 AstrovetteE

It was during the NCM’s recent 25th Anniversary Celebration that the Astrovette was not only put on display, but was also driven around the NCM’s logo circle twice daily for everyone to enjoy. I was fortunate enough to be invited on a ride-along which can be seen in the second half of my video.

Jeremy Welborn / YouTube

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