GM Makes Changes on How Customers Can Follow the Status of Their C8 Corvette Order


GM Makes Changes on How Customers Can Follow the Status of Their C8 Corvette Order

During the C7 era, all the major Corvette forums had an agreement with GM that would allow the site’s members to inquire about the status of their Corvette order on select threads that were monitored by a Chevrolet Customer Care staff member. Those staff members would then respond individually to those member’s requests with the status level of their order.

Thanks to our friends at the, we have learned that Chevrolet will be taking a different approach when it comes to communicating order status with the 2020 Corvette.

There are two ways to track your 2020 Corvette order once the process officially gets underway on September 12th.

Dealership Communication

Every dealer has through their Global Connect Order WorkBench software program, the program in which they order all their vehicles, the ability to 24/7 look up the status of an order. That process will continue, i.e., every dealer will continue to have the ability to look at your order status on their software system.

However, recognize that your dealer does not just have to take good care of your order, but depending on the size of their allocations, up to more than 100 per month, and as from start to finish the order process can stretch for three or even four months, tracking hundreds and hundreds of them. Hence, please be respectful of requesting your order’s status from the dealership.

GM Corvette Concierge Program

Replacing the forum-based “Customer Care” reps is the Corvette Concierge Program that launched just after the 2020 Corvette Reveal last month. GM views this new program as the preferred venue for requesting 2020 Corvette information or inquiring about your order status.

Therefore to ascertain your C8’s Order Status Code, you could, starting September 12th, but also not before your dealer has informed you that they have paired and submitted your order with a specific consensus GM granted allocation, contact either your dealership or call the Corvette Concierge program at 1.866.424.3892.

Order Status Codes

Here are the order status codes, but to help you learn more about the entire GM purchasing process, especially when demand exceeds supply, please also read all of the following four threads below.

1000 Order On Hold at Dealership

1100 Order Placed at Dealership; preliminarily accepted by GM Computer. Note: This does NOT mean that GM guarantees that your car will be produced, as that only occurs at status code 2000, but means that the order was properly filled out into the computer, e.g., required boxes filled out — but nothing more than that.

1101 Order Entered into System

1102 Order Entered via Web

2000 Order Accepted by Chevrolet: GM has accepted and will produce your Corvette as ordered.

2001 Order Generated to Dealer

2005 Order Replaced with GM Prospective Order

2030 Order Edited by Chevrolet

2050 Order Changed

2500 Order Preferenced (or “Picked Up” or “Imaged”), Sent to Production

3000 Order Accepted by Production Control

3100 Order Available to Sequence (now becomes more stable)

3300 Order Selected and Scheduled for Production by Assembly Plant (Target Production Week usually available now)

3400 Order Broadcasted for Production (Internal Plant Order Produced)

3800 Vehicle Produced

4000 Vehicle Available to Ship

4104 Bailment Invoice Created

4B00 Bayed (Note: a “B”, not an“8”): Car is waiting transportation by transporter

4D00 12/2/13 On hold (Quality Control Checks)

4106 Bailment Released (Vehicle has left plant property).

4150 Vehicle Invoiced (Dealer Billed/Order is invoiced to the dealer)

4200 Vehicle Shipped (Vehicle is shipped to the dealer or point of delivery)

4300 Intermediate Delivery (Interim transfer; processing transfer to QC or vendor)

4V03 Estimated Delivery Date

4800 Rail Ramp Unload (Note, an “8” – not a “B”)

5000 Vehicle Delivered to Dealer

6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer

9000 Order Cancelled

For more on the process of ordering a new Corvette, we highly recommend you checking out this article from Kerbeck Corvette’s Dave Salvatore about what you need to know when ordering a new Corvette.

A huge thanks to John at the who spearheaded this conversation with Harlan Charles and the Corvette Team so that we have most up to date info.


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  1. Spoke to Corrine with marketing support and she says there is no “Corvette Concierge program”. Where did you get this info from?

  2. It’s on the Next Generation Corvette Page:

    Connect with a Corvette Concierge: From discovery through delivery, we are here for you every step of the way. Click Chat Now or call 1-866-424-3892 to speak to a Concierge or schedule an appointment.

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