[VIDEO] Big Guys Rejoice! GM Finally Made a Corvette You Can Sit Comfortably In


[VIDEO] Big Guys Rejoice! GM Finally Made a Corvette You Can Sit Comfortably In

As the C8 Corvettes are visiting different Chevy dealers on both coasts, we are getting feedback from some Corvette enthusiasts of the larger persuasion who are reporting that the new Corvette finally allows them to sit comfortably behind the wheel.

We just watched this video from Matt of LethalGarage and we are told he is a popular Camaro enthusiast. Matt heard the 2020 Corvette was going to be a Paradise Chevrolet in California and headed there after work to check out the new Corvette. Matt is 6’5″ tall and weighs 300 lbs, and his goal was to see if he could fit into the new C8 Corvette Coupe.

After taking a look at the exterior of the car, it was finally Matt’s turn to try out the interior. We watch as he slid pretty effortlessly behind the wheel, which was assisted with the seat pushed back and the steering column raised.

As he tested his fitment, his knees had an inch or two of clearance from the dash and the steering wheel appeared to turn freely in his lap. The real test came when the C8 product specialist put the removable roof panel back on the car. Matt was able to sit in the car with inches of headroom to spare. In fact, he thinks he would still have headroom even if wearing a helmet.

You can watch his seat test here which happens at 6:55 in the video:

We recognize that people come in all shapes and sizes and that appears to be especially true for those in the Corvette hobby. More importantly, Chevy has also recognized the big and tall market and worked to make sure more could drive the C8 Corvette.

Here’s another validation from Dave Hrejsa who is 6’4″ and weighs 285 lbs:

Just had the opportunity to sit in a Rapid Blue 3LT, it is fantastic!! I fit with way more room than my C7, egress is better than the C7 and the 3LT interior is really nice. Anyone on the fence about the C8 needs to get in one really give it a hard look.

No, no issues at all, just different from the C7. What I really liked was the fact that I had much more room and the ability to adjust the seat more than in my C7. And the rear camera really looks great in the mirror. I am assuming hi-def.

[VIDEO] Big Guys Rejoice! GM Finally Made a Corvette You Can Sit Comfortably In

The C8’s seat track allows an addition inch of rearward travel over that of the C7 models. But the C8 Corvette also has a slightly different seating position which helps to provide the additional headroom for the taller guys.

If you’re a big and tall Corvette enthusiast, it looks the C8 Corvette was made for you! Call the Corvette Concierge today at 866-424-3892 to find out when you can arrange your own seat test as the 2020 Corvette Stingray is coming to a dealership near you.

MidEngineCorvetteForum.com and LethalGarage / YouTube

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  1. Yes, very tall people can fit. I saw several very tall men climb into the C-8 at a recent unveiling and fit. One said he was 6’9″. He was very happy he fit!
    Even much shorter people (me) could move the seat close enough to be able to reach the pedals, controls, etc.. Yeah! Thank you GM!!! You’ve made a supercar for all of us!
    Oh, and the C-8 is much more beautiful in person! It is also a masterpiece of engineering! Well done GM!

  2. Yeah ok all I see is comparisons to the C7 which has the smallest cockpit ever. I’ve owned a few vets including 5’s and 6’s. C5 being the largest cockpit of the three. I’d like to hear someone compare the C8 to a C5 or C6. Now that will be a better comparison. Needless to say I did not buy a C7 because I did not fit comfortably in one. I hope the C8 is a better fit for my 6’2” / 275 lb body.
    Smilin Jim

  3. For those who have had a chance to sit in one, especially the different seat options, I’m trying to find out which is best for those of us more of the “big” persuasion (heavy/broad shouldered/wide). I found the base C7 seats very uncomfortable, and only the upgrade seats with modifiable bolstering would fit reasonably. How does the C8 compare, and what are the relative dimensions of the seats?

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