National Corvette Museum Offering More Tickets to the C8 Corvette Reveal


National Corvette Museum Offering More Tickets to the C8 Corvette Reveal

Now that the market price has been set with a high bid of $15,200 for a pair of tickets to the C8 Corvette reveal on 07.18.19, the National Corvette Museum has two more pairs of tickets that just became available and they are for sale on eBay with a “Buy it Now” price of $15,000 per pair!

We don’t believe these C8 Corvette Reveal Packages will be around too much longer so jump on it while you can!

National Corvette Museum Offering More Tickets for Sale to the C8 Corvette Reveal

These new tickets became available after a cancellation according to the auction description:

General Motors has very graciously provided the National Corvette Museum with tickets to the Next Generation Corvette Reveal activities on July 18 & 19 in Orange County, California.

The official ‘C8’ reveal will be held on the evening of Thursday, July 18. The following day, GM will host a reveal ‘expo’, giving participants the chance to see the car up close, network and talk to key people on their team, browse additional displays and more.

Due to an event cancellation, additional tickets are now available.

This auction is for two (2) tickets (two people) to the event and includes overnight accommodations for July 18 & 19, access to both days of reveal festivities, a group meal and tour of an area auto museum on Friday, July 19, bus transportation to and from both days of activities, and as a special gift from the Museum, an event polo only available to those on this trip. Additional travel information will be provided to buyers.

Transportation to Orange County, CA is ON YOUR OWN and not included in this package.

Proceeds benefit the National Corvette Museum, a 501c3 nonprofit foundation and a portion of this auction will be recognized as a tax deductible donation to the museum. Donor will also be included in the 2020 Winners’ Circle donor recognition banquet.


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  1. LoL!!!! Or you can wait a few months and see a C8 almost anywhere… I’m pretty stoked about the reveal and have the means, but I’m happy to wait. Congrats to those going!!! Although, maybe some philanthropic individual will buy a tickets for Rick “Corvette” Conti… :-). That would be awesome and well deserved for him to attend
    ..JB #letrickgo

  2. They had no idea people with money falling out of their pockets was so easy to pick. More tickets please. No more than a hundred though. Wouldn’t want to make it obvious were gold diggers.

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