Save the Dates! Something Special is Happening at Kerbeck Corvette on July 26-27


Save the Dates! Something Special is Happening at Kerbeck Corvette on July 26-27

Our good friends at Kerbeck Corvette are planning something special for July 26-27 and you’re invited!

This morning we received this invitation from Kerbeck Corvette to save those dates on our calendar. We reached out to Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck who tells us he’ll be able to share additional details at a later date. But based on the camo design of the invite, it’s clear to us that the C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes are coming to the world’s largest Corvette dealer!

Save the Dates! Something Special is Happening at Kerbeck Corvette on July 26-27

We learned in early May that Chevrolet dealers would have the opportunity to bring in a mobile showroom featuring the C8 Corvettes to their dealerships for one or two days. In addition to having the C8 Corvette(s) on-site, the mobile showrooms will be staffed with C8 experts and equipped with configurators so you can spec your own 2020 Corvette!

We have reached out to the Corvette team previously about receiving a schedule of the C8 Showroom Tour and although we haven’t heard anything yet, we figure the mobile showrooms would get rolling following the official reveal of the car on 07.18.19 in Tustin, CA.

Kerbeck has been the world’s largest Corvette dealer for 25 consecutive years now and from our experience, they will be among the first dealerships to receive the new 2020 Corvettes. So if you want to be driving the C8 Corvette sooner rather than later, make sure you get on Kerbeck’s C8 Corvette list today!

Save the dates for Friday and Saturday, July 26-27 as we believe the C8 Corvette will be making its East Coast debut at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City!

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  1. Grown individuals acting like children before Christmas to see, touch, & feel a mechanical mode of transportation. Ten plus thousand for two tickets to the public unveiling. I admit to the disease but not ready for the hospital stay. Its an assembly line car that will be purchased, instantly resold to a larger ego claiming the first on the block. Possibility of no manual shift examples as the generation buying them drive automatics exclusively. The C8R will be exciting to watch on road courses.

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