Chevrolet Sets Dealership Sales Requirements for the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette


Chevrolet Sets Dealership Sales Requirements for the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

As we get closer to the reveal date of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette, other aspects of the car are starting to take focus. While we as enthusiasts all want to know the details, options, and dates for ordering, Chevrolet dealers are just now getting the information on how they can qualify to sell the 2020 Corvette.

We saw a similar process during the C7 Corvette which revolved around both sales and service departments, and the new model rollout also provided an event for key dealer personnel to experience the C7 Corvette on the track at Spring Mountain.

This latest news comes from a member of the Corvette Forum named Corvette ED who got the information through the monthly GM dealer podcast. He says that dealers were told if they want to sell the C8 Corvette, they have until June 7th to enroll in one of two programs for C8 sales.

Those programs are:

Program One – Corvette Dealer

  • Send one sales specialist to Spring Mountain at a cost of $3,500
  • Complete all required sales and service training
  • Purchase Next-Gen Corvette specific service tools at an approximate cost of $1,500 for existing Corvette Dealers

Program Two – Signature Corvette Dealer

  • Comply with the Corvette Participation Agreement
  • Send one Service Manager/Service Advisor to Spring Mountain
  • Showcased on as a Signature Corvette Dealer and will be able to merchandise on their dealer website

Additional Opportunites

  • Send additional dealership personnel to Spring Mountain
  • Potential access to C8 Corvette Mobile Tour

The C8 Mobile Tour sends a C8 Mid-Engine Corvette and an expert on the new car to Chevy dealerships for one or two days. Dealers will be able to invite potential customers to see the car, and the local C8 sales specialist and the C8 expert can assist customers with ordering their own C8s. The C8 Mobile Tour will be at dealers before the cars start production which is currently estimated to be the beginning of December.

From a follow-up post from dealer Ken Fitchner, we know the cost to dealers for the C8 Mobile Tour is $16,000 (One Day) or $25,000 for two days.

The fairly low pricing of $1,500 for the specific tools required on the next-gen Corvette I think gives us an idea of the serviceability of the cars which will be good news for dealers and handy enthusiasts alike!

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  1. The minimal tooling cost is very good news. Most people I talk with have apprehensive about maintenance costs typically associated with exotic mid-engine sports cars. That low tooling expectation will answer those fears in a very positive manner!

  2. It just seems that generous Motors can not do enough to turn people against them, this is a crock of crap in the face to small dealers! I Hope this comes around and bites them in the ass!

  3. Most ME cars require a lift to be able to work on them.

    Very difficult/impossible to go from the top down.

  4. Hunki Bob: Typical Gm?Chev forget the little dlrs now,except when big guys slow down and inventory’s backup then will love them and make changes.Thought Mary Barra CEO would do things differnt,guess not! Retired GM employee.

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