The Corvette Museum’s Auction of Two C8 Corvette Reveal Tickets Nets $15,200


The Corvette Museum's Raffle of Two C8 Corvette Reveal Tickets Nets $15,200

Last week the National Corvette Museum opened an eBay auction with the winner receiving Two Tickets to Paradise two tickets to the C8 Corvette Reveal in Tustin, CA on 07.18.19.

The auction started seven days ago at $100 for the two tickets to the Thursday night C8 reveal as well as the Friday ‘Expo” hosted by the National Corvette Museum. The bidding was hot and heavy all week long and by last night it had climbed to $14,001. It appears the battle was rejoined at the end of the auction and when it closed, the winning bid was $15,200!

Because the National Corvette Museum is a non-profit organization, the winning bidder will be able to write-off most of the cost as a donation to charity. However, they will still have to front their own airfare to and from the event. The 2-night hotel stay was included in the auction.

Several of us had bets on where the bidding would end, and I guess I severely underestimated how bad some of you want to be there. My guess was a very low $8,000 while our friend John over at the believed it would go for $10,000-$12,000.

The good news for Corvette enthusiasts is that Chevy will be live-streaming the reveal of the 2020 Corvette with the action starting at 11pm ET/8PM PT.


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