The Schedule of Events for the C8 Corvette Reveal is Now Public


The Schedule of Events for the C8 Corvette Reveal is Now Public

Another piece of the 2020 Corvette reveal puzzle fell in place this afternoon after a Corvette Forum member shared his confirmation email today.

As per our post yesterday about the various groups of people being invited to the event, ElisTwoCents is a Southern Californian who is one of approximately 75 Corvette enthusiasts invited to bring out their Corvettes to display at the event.

In his post on the Corvette Forum, the member suggests he and his wife will be attending the C8 Corvette reveal in their Z06 instead of the C4 Corvette he also has at his disposal. We think that’s an excellent choice!

The email confirmation names the C8 Corvette’s reveal location as Tustin, California and now we have a schedule of events to go along with it! Here is the letter from General Motors that came along with the schedule of events:

Thank you for expressing your interest in attending the Corvette Reveal in Tustin, CA. We appreciate your loyalty to Chevrolet and the Corvette brands.

You and a guest are invited to join Chevrolet leadership, media, and other Corvette enthusiasts in Tustin, CA. for the global reveal of the Next Generation Corvette. We are so excited for you to join us.

In order to confirm your attendance, visit (redacted) and use the code in the invite below to register for the event. Please register no later than Sunday, June 23.

You’ll receive a few follow up communications (to the email you provide during registration) between now and the event once you register. Please note all travel accommodations and travel expenses are on your own. Should you have any questions between now and the event, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The Next Generation Corvette Reveal will be held from 4-9 pm PDT:

  • 4 PM – Corvette Owners Celebration main parking lot opens. Food/beverages served.
  • 7 PM – Doors Open, Event Registration
  • 8 PM – Next Generation Corvette Reveal

Schedule of Events for the C8 Corvette Reveal Now Public

We love the idea of Chevrolet creating its own mini Corvette show around the entrance to the yet unnamed location for the reveal. And we know that these Corvette owners, along with the customers being invited by GM dealers, should add some real excitement and electricity to the event.

Chevrolet will be live streaming this event and our guess is that it will start around 8 PM PDT/11 pm EDT or shortly thereafter.

Congrats to all those who have received one of these Golden Tickets and we look forward to checking out your Corvettes at the reveal!

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  1. Hi I am a little confused. Is the above an invitation directed at Me…or its just an example of the message sent out to the Corvette owners who have already been selected to be at the Reveal ? I’m pretty sure its the latter, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  2. Would have enjoyed being invited. I figure I’m kind of a loyal fan having owned 37 of them in the past 55 years. Newest, 2014 early car. Will I order a new one? I’m number 2 on my friendly Chevrolet Dealer’s list. One problem. got to make sure I can still get in and out of the car as I’m 85 years old but still hanging in there. Still have two Corvettes and it’s what it’s all about. Corvette’s forever.

  3. Hi Doug! It sure would fun to see him try and throw that back-end around those corners like he did, but tire tech has come so far that it would look like the car is on rails. Thanks for commenting!

  4. 85 years young! Thanks G Lee for sharing. We are all anxious for a seat test. Chevy will be doing a tour with the C8s at select dealerships so keep following as we hope to have those dates and locations.

  5. From Tustin city website:
    The south Tustin hangar (Hangar 2), located near Warner Avenue and Tustin Ranch Road, is currently undergoing an evaluation to determine future use. The south hangar is currently owned by the Department of the Navy and will not be conveyed to the City of Tustin until a determination that environmental remediation on the site is in place and adequately operated by environmental regulators.

    The City does allow certain events/activities to take place in the south hangar on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please call 714-573-3117 or get information on renting the hangar.

  6. Excited to finally see whats in store with the C8 for us, wish I had more info so I could of put my order in, I hear and read that the first C8 model is only going to be close to the same power as the base C7 Stingray or maybe a lil bit higher, but not enough for me, and that does not interest me at all, I am coming from my 4th Vette, currently 800+ rwhp ProCharged Z06 which is more then the ZR1 (I am a Track Racer, I hate Drag racing, boring..LoL ) and the more power models are to come later, so that has held me back on ordering, so I will have to wait for the info on the higher hp beast 🙂 who ever is going, have a great time, will watch it on the live stream, sure hope they tell us about the higher hp options and when they will be available 🙂 so I am very excited,, I love the Mid engine with the weight distribution for way better ear traction, and the new exotic look 🙂

  7. Live in the Tampa Bay area and travel around the state frequently. I have not even seen a ZR1 on the road yet. If they have a C8 on display anywhere near me I will for sure go see it.

  8. The blimp hangers make sense for the reveal. Wondered what in the world was available in Tustin, for such a big event like this. Lots of space, dramatic looking, and Chevy has used them to film commercials recently. Lots of parking, and the Marconi auto museum is nearby. The Friday itinerary says there will be an auto museum tour available, along with the other Friday events. They should be able do any smoke and mirrors, cars coming down on platforms, explosions, etc., maybe even have it come in by blimp!!!

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