Found on Facebook: 1997 Corvette Coupe in Rare Fairway Green


Found on Facebook: 1997 Corvette Coupe in Rare Fairway Green

I want this car so bad I’m reluctant to share this link, but since I just added a teenager and his new car to my insurance plan, we’ll have to put off any impulse purchases for now.

While browsing the Facebook Marketplace, I came across this 1997 Corvette Coupe in Fairway Green. Talk about a rare color! It was only offered from 1997-1998 with a total of 374 produced over those two years (155, 223)! You hardly ever see this color and it really stands out.

Found on Facebook: 1997 Corvette Coupe in Rare Fairway Green

We also love this Corvette because of its manual transmission and it’s only been driven 110K miles in 22 years. The owner says it’s a blast to drive. A Blackwing cold air intake was added, the steering wheel column lock issue was addressed and the car is equipped with a skip/shift eliminator.

It does have some ongoing issues though as the owner says it’s suffering from the “common grounding problems the C5s are known for”, which causes the traction/ride control not to function. A search of Corvette Forum found many posts and ways to address these issues. The touchscreen stereo/backup cam doesn’t appear to work. Other than that, the only other issues are wear and tear on the paint and interior that you would expect on a 22-year-old car.

Found on Facebook: 1997 Corvette Coupe in Rare Fairway Green

The seller is asking $9,500 for the 1997 Coupe and it’s located in Oxford, Florida (near The Villages).

The good: Only around 374 vettes came in the fairway green metallic paint color between the years 97 and 98. Super rare. Most vette people assume it’s a respray. This car gets noticed. This car is a blast to drive. Has a nice aftermarket blackwing intake. No leaks. Been very reliable so far. New redline performance fluids in tranny and differential. New. harmonic balancer and serpentine belt. Steering wheel column lock/skip shift eliminator installed.

The bad: It has some electrical issues stemming from the common grounding problems the C5s are known for, and will cause traction/ride control, etc to not function. The front bumper has peeling clearcoat in the upper corners and will need to be resprayed. Touchscreen and backup camera are non functional. Door covering peeling up in areas.

This is a 22 year old car, it is not perfect but for its age is in really great condition. Do not buy this as your daily. It is for a collector/enthusiast or for someone looking to build cool project.

Found on Facebook: 1997 Corvette Coupe in Rare Fairway Green

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  1. My Daughter owns a ’97 FMG in great condition and it’s also the one depicted on GM’s 100th Anniversary poster…

  2. How sad it is with today’s cars that it takes a COLOR to get noticed , though i’m not surprised.
    Imagine the anger if millenials see what & how many colors were available even on
    The cheapest $2,000 cars back in the 60’s & 70’s – oops they will here! …
    I see 3! shades of green alone here!! …
    & I see 5! shades of green here!! …
    Interior “color” choice is even worse today, compared to back then.

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