[VIDEO] Chazcron’s C8 Hard Top Convertible in Action


[VIDEO] Chazcron's C8 Hard Top Convertible in Action

Here’s another great illustration of how the C8 mid-engine Corvette’s hard top convertible from Chazcron and the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum.

This time rendered in Red, the video shows the C8 Corvette’s hard top separating into two different panels while the storage area containing the buttresses opens up like a clamshell. The actual roof itself is rotated upwards and then stored vertically behind the passenger firewall.

We especially think the clear windscreen divider that raises at the end is a nice touch as well!

Here is a static version of Chazcron’s 2020 Corvette Convertible in operation, this time in red.

Chazcron continues to publish various C8 renders almost daily now and we picked up these which he put out in just the last couple of days:

Chazcron renders the C8 Corvette

Chazcron renders the C8 Corvette

Chazcron renders the C8 Corvette


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  1. These renderings look great. While we don’t know if this will be the actual design of the car, they still look really good.

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