[VIDEO] The Story Behind the Corvette Team’s Camouflage Bash Shirts


[VIDEO] The Story Behind the Corvette Team's Camouflage Bash Shirts

If you saw the videos or photos from the NCM Bash last month, you saw the Corvette Team was wearing shirts with the same design as the camouflage on the C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes. Thanks to this video from the National Corvette Museum, we hear the back story from Harlan Charles on the shirt design and as well as Kirk Bennion talking about the camo on the prototypes.

The shirts were a huge hit in more ways than expected. Not only did the Corvette Team make a fashion statement that let everyone know that the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette was right around the corner, but two of the shirts were auctioned off for charity with each one bringing a whopping $3,100 each with a total of $6,200 that was donated to the NCM.

There’s been some talk that a run of these will be made available. We haven’t heard anything concrete yet but if we do we’ll let you know!

Attendees of the Michelin NCM Bash may have noticed GM team members sporting rather interesting shirts on Friday during the event. The crew were all clad in shirts made from the same camo pattern as the recently acknowledged ‘next generation’ Corvette. The shirts were a hit, with people inquiring about how they, too, could own one.

Through the generosity of GM the Museum was able to acquire three shirts. One will be kept as part of the Museum’s collection, the other two were offered as a fundraising live auction during the Winner’s Circle Donor Recognition Banquet Friday evening. The shirts raised $6,200 for the Museum. Thank you, General Motors!

National Corvette Museum / YouTube

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  1. Hell, did you see Rick “Corvette” Conti’s C8 Camo-Suit??? Now that was statement!!!! While not intended, it definitely seem to upstaged a T-Shirt!!! Go Rick!!!!

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