[SPIED] Stray Mule Sightings of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette in the Wild


[SPIED] Stray Mule Sightings of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette in the Wild

Hee Haw and Happy Thursday folks! Just 70 days until the next generation Corvette is revealed on 07.18.19!

Got a couple fun photos today to share as a couple more “stray mules” have been spied on the streets from the last 24 hours or so. These two C8 mid-engine Corvette prototypes were either driving off by themselves or were photographed by themselves while testing.

The first comes from the Corvette Forum’s ZERV02 who spotted this one outside the Milford Proving Grounds. He says if you work in the area, you are bound to see them coming and going. This pic made many do a double-take as it almost appears as if there is a rear defuser on the bottom of the C8’s rear fascia. It’s just a reflection though from ZERV02’s dash and windshield.

The C8 prototype spotted here is really showing off its rear taillights and we also note that the rear wing spoiler is different once again from previous sightings. Are they continually testing different wing set-ups or is it just a planned misdirection by the team to keep us guessing? We’ll find out soon!

C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype in Milford

The second C8 sighting comes again from Corvette_Nut (who just happened to be taking a stroll when surprise!) who captures this great photo of a C8 mule in an undisclosed location. I stole his comment about the “Stray Mule” for this post as it seemed appropriate.

We note that this prototype has the tall wing spoiler and there is something going on with the frunk where the vinyl camo appears to be showing more definition of the frunk’s hood (bonnet?). We can’t tell if it’s actually peeling back or what but something is going on there. This 3/4 view also gives a great view of the side scoop as well as the arches on the front and rear quarter panels.

Stray Mule Pic by Corvette_Nut

We’ll keep checking around as always and will bring you what we find. The next 70 days are going to be fun too so hang in there as it will all be worth the wait!

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