A Wisconsin School Celebrates its Teachers with Corvette Rides to Lunch


A Wisconsin School Celebrates its Teachers with Corvette Rides to Lunch

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With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, the leader of a Catholic school in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin decided this week to show his gratitude for his teachers in a very unique way.

St. Anthony Principal Alex Wolf asked some of his students to help him honor the teaching staff Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week.

“Right now, as we speak, fourth and fifth graders are coming to your room with a blindfold,” Wolf said. “Boys and girls, I need you to blindfold your teacher and walk them out to the parking lot. We have a very special surprise for them.”

Once they arrived outside, the educators took off their blindfolds, and there were several C6 and C7 Corvettes In a variety of colors waiting to take each teacher to lunch!

It was the culmination of a lifelong dream for at least one of the appreciative teachers.

“I always wanted one as a kid,” teacher Pam Beschta said. “And the one I got to choose was actually canary yellow–the color I always wanted as a kid. I don’t get to keep it, but for an afternoon, it’s a good trade-off.”

The sports cars came thanks to the generosity of the Corvettes of the Bay Corvette club.

“(The students) love their teachers and have a good relationship with them, and so for them to be able to partake in this and bring the teachers out, it’s a lot of fun,” Wolf said.

Alas, after their fun ride to a restaurant, it was soon back to reality for the teachers.

“My little Toyota Corolla just doesn’t quite measure up anymore,” Beschta said.

Chimed in another teacher, Angie Magnin: “The family mini-van is definitely not as cool as the Corvette.”

While they did have to return to their own not-as-exciting vehicles, the teachers did receive another surprise from their principal – the rest of the afternoon off as staff from the education department at the Diocese of Green Bay watched over their classrooms.

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