[PIC] Brett Farve and Peyton Manning Ride in Bart Starr’s 1967 Corvette During Filming of New NFL Show


[PIC] Brett Farve and Peyton Manning Ride in Bart Starr's 1967 Corvette During Filming of New NFL Show

Three NFL legends were spotted filming a new TV show that will be broadcast on ESPN.

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterbacks Brett Farve and Peyton Manning were in Green Bay last week for a segment on “Peyton’s Places”, a new 30-episode documentary series produced by NFL Films and ESPN+. The show features Peyton Manning talking to former players, coaches, and others regarding key events in the NFL’s 100-year history.

So who was that third NFL legend mentioned earlier? That would be former Green Bay Quarterback Bart Starr’s Goodwood Green 1967 Corvette Convertible.

The ’67 Sting Ray was awarded to Bart Starr after he was named MVP in Super Bowl I, thus beginning one of the great on-again, off-again traditions of awarding a new Corvette to the MVP. The Green Corvette sold a year ago for $150,000 at Mecum’s Indianapolis Auction with the new owner returning the car “back home” to Green Bay.

Last Thursday, the Corvette once again hosted two Super Bowl MVPs with Favre and Manning riding in the convertible as it was towed on a flatbed trailer on Ashland Avenue during one of the segments

Brett Favre shared these two photos on his Twitter account:

Peyton’s Places will premiere on July 15th on ESPN+, the new sports streaming service offering from the ESPN. Here’s a preview:

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