1. I like it. Not much change and pretty subtle. Of course, there had to be some change with a new generation. I LOVE the shirts.
    I believe I’ll be keeping my Spice Red convertible, though. And, I’ll see ya in Bowling Green.

  2. I like it and it looks to shave a couple of ounces of weight from the car. How is it in the wind tunnel……?

  3. I have a 2017 C7 z51.
    It’s dope asF.
    Red on red.
    The emblems look the same almost.
    I have a LED emblem on back that lights up when you push break.
    The C8 is fire….my C7 Z51 kinda reminds me of the new future C8 so I’m happy right now with my C7 plus it only has 2500 miles on it.
    I’m going to trade up in a year or two hopefully for a C8.

  4. Wow they must of spent minutes redesigning the new C8 logo. I always liked the C7 logo, so the C8 logo looks good too.

  5. ken in okla do not like the car looks like a car from Italy not a real vette I have had 75 77 79 gone till the newer body came back 13 15 16 and a real vette zr1

  6. Minutes is an overstatement.
    Probably the same as the car.
    Ferrari had had this type for years

  7. For what should have been — at most — a fleeting moment, I thought, “Looks like a Speedo.” Now I cannot unthink it.
    I’ll probably get a C8 some day anyway.

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