[VIDEO] Harlan Charles Shares the New C8 Corvette Badges at the NCM Bash


[VIDEO] Harlan Charles Shares the New C8 Corvette Badges at the NCM Bash

The Corvette Team hosted their annual “What’s New with the Corvette” seminar on Friday morning at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash. We’ll have the full presentation coming up, but we wanted to share this exciting news about the next-generation C8 Corvette.

As you can imagine, the team is quite tight-lipped about what they can and cannot say. The good news is that all will be revealed on 07.18.19. Knowing how excited Corvette fans are for the C8, Harlan Charles, along with Tadge Juechter and Kirk Bennion did share some C8 news with enthusiasts.

The team had on hand the two actual production badges for the C8 Corvette, one in Chrome and one in Black. Customers will be able to choose either which is a nice feature that allows them to match the style of the badge to their wheel choices as well.

Along with the Badge Reveal, the team also announced two special raffles to benefit the National Corvette Museum. The 25th C8 Corvette has been reserved for the NCM and it will be raffled during the 25th Anniversary Celebration at the end of August this year. Tickets are $25 and they are on sale now. We’ll have some more details on how to get your raffle tickets but they will be on sale through the NCM from now until the Anniversary show.

A second C8 Corvette will also be going to the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park. Test drives anyone!!

We caught up with Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles after the seminar and he showed off the new badges and talked about the special raffle.

Photos/Video by Keith Cornett

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  1. C8 logo looks like the front of a thong bikini….sweet marketing! GM/Chevy please consider this an official nomination for C8 spokesmodel wardrobe voting

  2. Well I hope we are surprised and they have plenty of C 8s built when the C 8 is reviled and we can get them ASAP.

  3. With the second shift being put to work, I would think pricing will be reasonable for a large volume of Corvettes to sell ???

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