[SPIED] New C8 Corvette Interior Spy Photos Show Details of the Instrument Cluster


[SPIED] New C8 Corvette Interior Spy Photos Show Details of the Instrument Cluster

Photo Credit: Brian Williams / Spiedbilde

New spy photos of the C8 mid-engine Corvette surfaced this morning as photographers were able to get us the first look at the 2020 Corvette’s gauge cluster and the video display on the rear view mirror. Apparently, the drivers weren’t all that excited about the attention from the photographers and attempted to disrupt the taking of photos by waving their arms.

These spy photos are bought and paid for so head over our friends at AutoBlog who have the entire set:

As you can see the cluster is lit up and it appears that we have the tachometer showing in the center with the C8 Corvette logo inside. To the left is a G-Force meter that measures up to 1.25Gs from the left and right. Under that is the engine temperature gauge. On the right side, we see the “check engine” light on and another amber light is indicated on the screen as well.

One of the photos we’ve been wanting to see is the rear view mirror which isn’t a mirror but actually a video display monitor for the rear-facing camera located along the rear roofline. The video display image is crisp and we can easily make out the details shown.

Also shown in several photos is the two-spoke steering wheel with its distinctive flat bottom and flat top shape. The emblem in the center has been covered with tape as has one of the control off to the left side. A set of toggle wheel switches are located on the spokes. This steering wheel is leather-wrapped and features red stitching around the center logo and airbag.

Overall we find the C8’s interior to be new and exciting, yet familiar in a way that should appeal to current C7 owners.

The spy photographer also managed to snag some exterior photos, and now I feel myself cringing when looking at whatever they have serving as the rear wing spoiler. Hopefully, that’s just the wrapping that makes it appear hideous and not what’s under it.


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  1. Yeah that rear wing is hideous. Hopefully the rear wing shown is what would occur if the active aero will g was deployed.

  2. Wing not will ng…when the active aero wing deploys it creates simikiar down force as that ugly fixed wing.

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