A C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Broke Down at a Detroit Gas Station Today


A C8 Mid Engine Corvette Broke Down at a Detroit Gas Station Today

File Photo from Nurburgring

Well, that sucks!

A 2020 Corvette was spotted by spy photographers with the frunk open at a Detroit area gas station today. We don’t have any ideas of what the problem is, but we do know the optics of watching another C8 Corvette getting a tow from the gas station will not be good.

You can see all the spy photos from the incident at Jalopnik.

The spy photographer who witnessed the incident says the car pulled into the station with no issues and it was only after engineers tried to start the car did it become apparent that something was amiss. After a half hour, the car was covered and the engineers waited until a tow truck from GM showed up to tow the prototype back to the Milford Proving Grounds.

It appeared that the C8’s were back on track with development testing following recent sightings in California, Florida, and Arizona. Even reports of the C8 ZORA model twisting its frame were greeted positively, but no one likes to see a prototype getting a tow. Now with this incident, we’ll be watching to see if its a one-off thing or if the testing fleet will be held back once again.


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  1. Hey, better the GM engineers out testing than John Doe getting towed in Bumfuck, IA a year from now in his new C8…!

  2. It’s amazing how Americans are quick to criticize what is being done to get their products acceptable, yet they never seem to criticize what other manufacturer is doing with the product that fails, only in America

  3. @Chuck…gotta feeling there will still be plenty of those incidents happening
    on Year One C8s regardless of HOW much testing gets done. No thanks.

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